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How to Install FTP Server on Windows Server 2019

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FTP,  an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, is a standard protocol for sharing files over the internet or a simple LAN. FTP servers have existed for over 30 years and […]

How to Install and Run Flatpak Applications

by File in: Linux

Linux offers a range of options for managing packages. Traditionally, these options were confined to only package managers like APT,  DNF or YUM. App stores, which are available in major […]

How to Install and Use Docker on CentOS 8

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Application deployment can sometimes present some unforeseen challenges to developers. While code can run perfectly well in one environment, the same code can fail to run as expected or fail […]

How to Setup Office 365 Email on the Mail App in macOS and iOS

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While your organization may use Office 365 for all of their email and productivity needs, you may have other devices outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, like an iPhone or Mac […]

How to Install Cacti on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

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One of the most essential tasks that any IT operation team has to keep in mind is continuous monitoring of their IT infrastructure. The concept of monitoring ensures that systems […]

How to Setup Amazon SNS

by File in: Amazon Web Services

All of us receive many notifications on our devices via text or email. These notifications are messages that let us know about product offers, shipment statuses, upcoming bills, 2FA codes, […]

How to Install NTP Server on Windows Server 2019

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Maintaining accurate time on your server is critical largely because many services and IT applications rely on accurate time settings to function as expected. These include logging services, monitoring and […]

How to Install Oracle Database 12c on Windows

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Oracle database is loaded with a ton of features that makes it an essential tool in the world of modern business. Every time a newer version of the database is […]

How To Set Up a VPN With Cisco

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The Cisco name is synonymous with networking hardware and telecommunication equipment on a global scale. It is one of the most recognized names behind most enterprise routers and a good […]

How To Encrypt Data In Amazon S3

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Most data uploaded to the cloud is protected by the standard username and password authentication, and is usually stored in plaintext for easy access and retrieval. However, because some data […]