Overview of Azure Virtual Machine Availability Sets

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In this article, we will go over virtual machine availability options in Microsoft Azure. So how do we ensure that our virtual machines are always running in Microsoft Azure and how do we align ourselves with the 99.95% uptime SLA from Microsoft Azure? We use Availability Sets with two or more machines that host the […]

Upgrade Brocade SAN Switch Firmware Step-by-Step

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Hello and welcome to a neat little article about upgrading the firmware of a Brocade SAN Switch with the latest FOS (Fabric Operating System). So without further ado, let us jump in and upgrade some firmware! The first thing we want to do is to get the latest FOS for our Brocade switch. Now, I’m […]

Understanding App Service Plans in Azure

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Hello and welcome to another article on Azure App Services. Previously, we wrote an introduction to Azure App Service and we followed up with an article on how to deploy a web app using Azure App Services.  Today we will talk about App Service Plans. An App Service Plan consists of the underlying virtual machines […]

Deploying a Web App in Azure App Services

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Welcome to another article on Microsoft Azure App Services. I hope you enjoyed my previous article, which was an introductory one that helped us create an Azure App Service. In this article, we will deploy a Web App in our Web App Service environment and show you the different ways you can go about doing […]

Microsoft Azure App Service Introduction

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Hello and welcome to an introductory article on Microsoft Azure App Services. Azure App Services is a common Azure Service offering that is based on the PaaS model, or Platform-as-a-Service. What is PaaS? I’m glad you asked! First, let’s go into some history. Initially, Azure was offering their Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform where you could build VMs […]

Active Directory DSRM and Defragmentation

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Occasionally, we are hit with an issue and we need to boot the Domain Controller in Restore mode or we just need to perform a defragmentation on the NTDS database. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of using the bcdedit command to perform a defrag on a NTDS database. Defragment NTDS Database […]

Configure Fine-Grained Password Policies for Specific Users in Active Directory

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In this article, we will talk about Account Password Policies and how we configure them domain wide with a more granular approach of per-user password policies without using Group Policy. So first off, let us talk about Group Policy configuration for password complexity and requirements. The downside of group policy settings is that it is […]

Explanation of Service Principal Names in Active Directory

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In this article, we’ll be talking about identity management in Windows Server 2016. Specifically, we will be talking about SPNs (Service Principal Names) and how wonderful they are. First of all, an SPN is like an alias for an AD object, which can be a Service Account, User Account or Computer object, that lets other […]

Advanced Windows System Cleanup Commands – SFC and DISM

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Recently I’ve come across some issues with one of my Windows Server installations, which was behaving relatively odd. Big surprise, right? After doing some digging around, I’ve come up with a complete set of commands that checks the system health and repairs any corruption that may have occurred with system files. Feel free to run […]

Fix VMware Missing HBA Adapters

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Every once in a while we run into a big problem when we install a brand new ESXi server only to come to find that for some reason we don’t see any HBA adapters, even though we’ve used the customized image with all the drivers and so forth. I usually see this happening in HP […]