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How to Expand VMware ESXi Datastore Capacity

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After setting up a new installation of ESXi on my refurbished Dell PowerEdge server, I realized that the datastore was only using two of the six SAS drives installed on […]

How to Add a License Key to VMware ESXi

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Once you have installed VMware ESXi onto a server, you’ll need to add your license key via the web interface. Otherwise, you’ll only be using the trial version, which lasts […]

How to Configure VMware ESXi with a Static IP Address

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Once you have installed VMware ESXi onto a server, you will probably want to give it a static IP address rather than using DHCP. There are two ways you can […]

How to Upload VMware Workstation VM to ESXi Server

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I’ve been using VMware Workstation on my personal PC for quite a few years, but I was having one big issue: the virtual machines were simply taking up too much […]

How to Setup and Configure iDRAC on Dell PowerEdge Servers

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With my newly purchased refurbished Dell PowerEdge R710 server, I’ve been playing around with a lot of technical stuff lately. One feature I really wanted to learn how to use […]

Install ESXi from USB on Bare Metal PowerEdge Server

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In my previous post, I went through the steps for creating a bootable USB installer for ESXi and in this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps for […]

Create Bootable USB Drive for VMware ESXi Installer

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I recently purchased a refurbished Dell PowerEdge server for my home lab and decided to go ahead and install VMware ESXi (vSphere Hypervisor) so that I could play around with […]

Fix RAID Adapter – Unrecoverable Error on Dell PowerEdge Server

by File in: Troubleshooting

I recently purchased a used Dell PowerEdge server for home lab use and ran into a serious issue when trying to start it up. During the boot process, the server […]

How to Setup VMware Workstation Server and Connect to Shared VMs

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There’s a cool feature in VMware Workstation that basically lets you share your VM from one machine so that you can access it from any other machine remotely. This is […]

How to Upgrade VM Hardware Compatibility in VMware Workstation

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If you’ve been using VMware Workstation for a while, you’ve probably upgraded to newer additions as they have come out. I started off with VMware Workstation 8 several years back […]