How to Install FTP Server on Windows Server 2019

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FTP,  an acronym for File Transfer Protocol, is a standard protocol for sharing files over the internet or a simple LAN. FTP servers have existed for over 30 years and […]

How to Install and Run Flatpak Applications

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Linux offers a range of options for managing packages. Traditionally, these options were confined to only package managers like APT,  DNF or YUM. App stores, which are available in major […]

How to Install and Use Docker on CentOS 8

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Application deployment can sometimes present some unforeseen challenges to developers. While code can run perfectly well in one environment, the same code can fail to run as expected or fail […]

How to Install Cacti on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server

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One of the most essential tasks that any IT operation team has to keep in mind is continuous monitoring of their IT infrastructure. The concept of monitoring ensures that systems […]

How to Install NTP Server on Windows Server 2019

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Maintaining accurate time on your server is critical largely because many services and IT applications rely on accurate time settings to function as expected. These include logging services, monitoring and […]