Hello everybody! I’ve recently done some work on a Hyper-V Cluster and I have come upon a rather weird issue where I don’t have any option to delete VM Checkpoints from the Hyper-V Manager.

Now I’m sure most of you will say, who uses the UI?? We are all PowerShell gods that grab the bull by the horn and automate our way through life.

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    Well, that’s true and we all have some fun here and there with the UI. Well the fix for this is yes, going to PowerShell and removing the snapshot.

    So I’ve decided to write this article just to make sure we have a written fix out there for this type of issue.

    So without further ranting from my side, let’s open that PowerShell prompt and delete that snapshot!

    We will just be using two PowerShell cmdlets for this. The Get-VMSnapshot and Remove-VMSnapshot.

    So first of all let’s get all the snapshots for that specific VM.

     # Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName HVHOST01 -VMName MSSQL01

    Now once we’ve verified the snapshot name, we can use the Remove-VMSnapshot cmdlet to delete it. We have two options: either to pipe it to the first cmdlet or to use it as a stand-alone cmdlet.

    # Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName HVHOST01 -VMName MSSQL01 | Remove-VMSnapshot

    # Remove-VMSnapshot -VMName MSSQL01 -Name “snapshot_1”

    Simple enough! Hope you liked this short article. Come back for more!