Back in October 2007 I struggled with converting a user’s email from Outlook Express (OE) to Outlook. My problem was I neglected to export her OE email prior to joining her computer to the new Windows domain. I figured out a solution in the end, after hours of work.

Life would have been so much simpler if I had know about the DBXconv program, which I found via Claus’s site. DBXconv is freeware that extracts messages from OE5 and OE6 mailboxes into various formats.

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    Converting Outlook Express .DBX files for use with Outlook 2007 image 1

    As a test I downloaded DBXconv and saved it into a directory with a copy of my OE mailbox files. I ran the following command to extract the messages into .eml format.

    dbxconv -eml *.dbx

    The utility quickly created a folder for each of my .dbx files and created an .eml file for each of my messages. I was then able to import the files into Outlook 2007 by:

    1) Dragging the .eml files into Windows Mail

    2) Exporting the messages from Windows Mail

    3) In Outlook 2007, Selecting File – Import and Export – Import Internet Mail and Addresses

    4) Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail

    5) Check the Import Mail and Import Address book boxes and press Next

    6) In the Import Addresses window you can set how you want duplicates to be handled – Select the option and click Finish

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