Determine IP Address From a MAC Address

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Ever had to reverse lookup an IP address? Kind of like looking up a home address using a phone number? If you’re in IT, you might come across the occasional situation where you have a MAC address, but need to figure out what the IP address is. There are a couple of ways you can […]

The best MSI Extractor

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I’ve written in the past about how to extract MSI files at the Windows command prompt, and how to extract the .msi files and edit them using UniExtract and Orca. I think I now have a new favorite tool for extracting .MSI files, and it’s called Less MSIerables (lessmsi) by Scott Willeke.  It can be […]

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

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This morning I was reading through the most recent US-CERT Security alert that describes multiple vulnerabilities found in Sun Java. The suggested fix is to uninstall Java per Sun’s instructions and install the newest version of Java. I found it interesting that Sun mentions uninstalling Java through Add/Remove programs may be insufficient, and the Windows […]

Automating the uninstall process for old versions of Java

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Java is one of those programs that seems to keep old versions of the software in Add/Remove programs even after you update to the newest version.  Right now my machine is showing Java 6 Update 3, 4, and 5 in Add/Remove programs.  I could go in and manually uninstall each of the older versions, but […]

VMware VI Toolkit for Windows Beta is now available

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The VMware VI Toolkit for Windows Beta is now available for download. The toolkit provides cmdlets for managing, monitoring, automating, and handling life-cycle operations for VMware Infrastructure components – virtual machines, datacenters, storage, networks, etc. Less experienced administrators can use PowerShell commands included in the VI Toolkit to manage their VMware virtual infrastructure from the […]

Mounting .ISO Images as Virtual CD/DVD Drives with MagicDisc

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I was going to perform a remote installation of some server software today, but I had forgotten to have the local tech download the software for me ahead of time. Normally he burns the .iso image of the installation software to disk and puts the CD into the server’s drive so I can do the […]

Free Utility to Determine Which of Your Windows Applications Require Administrative Rights to Run

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BeyondTrust Application Rights Auditor is a free product that automatically identifies and reports the Windows applications that require users to have administrative rights. Once those applications are identified, enterprises can develop informed plans to remove users’ administrative rights without any application downtime, creating a more secure and compliant environment, and lowering the cost of administering […]

ShellRunas – Launch Programs with Different Account Credentials from the Windows Context Menu

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ShellRunas is free utility from Microsoft that integrates into the Windows context menu to launch programs as a different user. It provides similar functionality to that of the command line based RunAs utility. ShellRunas works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, and is created by Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals […]

Kiwi CatTools: Schedule automatic backups (and perform other activities) on your network devices

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Kiwi CatTools is a free (up to five devices) customizable utility that help network administrators automate configuration backups of their network devices such as routers and switches. It provides email notification and compare reports, highlighting configuration changes. Some of the features of CatTools includes: Instant or scheduled device configuration backups where any differences can be […]

Viewing Firefox’s Super Cookies

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Pascal has a nice short post on Firefox’s “super cookies” and the information contained inside the browser’s DOM storage. He does a nice job describing comparing Adobe’s Flash local storage to this storage technology, and gives examples of how to view this data using sqlite3 in Unbuntu. If you’re running Windows, you can try the […]