How to Setup and Configure iDRAC on Dell PowerEdge Servers

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With my newly purchased refurbished Dell PowerEdge R710 server, I’ve been playing around with a lot of technical stuff lately. One feature I really wanted to learn how to use was iDRAC, which stands for Integrated Dell Remote Access. It’s software that is embedded directly onto the server and therefore allows you to control it […]

Install ESXi from USB on Bare Metal PowerEdge Server

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In my previous post, I went through the steps for creating a bootable USB installer for ESXi and in this post, I’m going to walk you through the steps for installing ESXi from USB to a bare metal Dell PowerEdge server. As mentioned in my previous post, you can install using an optical drive, remotely […]

Create Bootable USB Drive for VMware ESXi Installer

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I recently purchased a refurbished Dell PowerEdge server for my home lab and decided to go ahead and install VMware ESXi (vSphere Hypervisor) so that I could play around with different virtual machines. There are several ways you can go about installing ESXi onto your server: remotely using iDRAC if you have that setup on […]

Fix RAID Adapter – Unrecoverable Error on Dell PowerEdge Server

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I recently purchased a used Dell PowerEdge server for home lab use and ran into a serious issue when trying to start it up. During the boot process, the server would give me an error message when it got to the RAID controller. Actually, depending on the boot, the server would rotate between two different […]

How to Setup VMware Workstation Server and Connect to Shared VMs

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There’s a cool feature in VMware Workstation that basically lets you share your VM from one machine so that you can access it from any other machine remotely. This is great because if you have multiple copies of VMware on different computers, you either had to clone your VM or you had to store your […]

How to Upgrade VM Hardware Compatibility in VMware Workstation

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If you’ve been using VMware Workstation for a while, you’ve probably upgraded to newer additions as they have come out. I started off with VMware Workstation 8 several years back and am now on version 12. When you upgrade to a new version of VMWare Workstation, it doesn’t automatically upgrade the hardware compatibility for each […]

Reduce the Size of Virtual Machine Disk in VMware Workstation

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If you work with VMware Workstation on your Windows PC, you’ve probably noticed how the virtual machine disk image can become quite large very fast, especially if you are running Windows 7 or Windows 10 as a guest OS. Luckily, there are a couple of ways you can shrink the size of the virtual disk […]

Resend Email in Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010

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Ever run into the situation where you had sent an email to someone, but they didn’t get it? Or maybe you sent an email a few weeks back to someone, but they deleted it and now they want you to send it to them again. Firstly, before you can send the email to someone again, […]

Repair Windows Installer Errors

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I ran into a problem recently where I tried to install a program on my Windows XP machine and I got an error related to the Windows Installer service, namely The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed After trying  many solutions, I finally got the program to install and fixed the Windows Installer error. […]

Fix “Please Insert a Disk into Drive” in Windows

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One annoying, but common error in Windows is when it cannot detect certain media when connected to your computer. For example, ever pop in a disc into your CD/DVD drive and then when trying to open files, you get slammed with the following error: Please Insert a Disk into Drive X Well hello, there is […]