Today when I established a telnet session to a host on port 80 from my Windows XP machine, I was unable to see any commands I typed echoed on the screen.  I knew I had to enable local echo, but always seem to forget how to do it.

KB196748 describes how to enable local echo so you can see the commands you type.  To enable local echo:

1.  Telnet to the host, ie

 telnet host 80
Where host is the name of the host you are connecting to, and 80 is the port number you wish to connect to.
2.  Type
(That means, with the CTRL key depressed, hit the plus key then the closed bracket key)
3.  Type
set localecho
Note:  If using Windows 2000, replace set localecho with set local_echo
4.  Press Enter on a blank line
If each letter you type appears twice, use the same process to deactivate local echo.