How I was able to make and install the Intel e1000 NIC driver in SLES 10 Linux:

Steps 1 through 3 under Building and Installation are simple enough to follow when making the Intel e1000 network card driver on SLES 10 SP2.

Table of Contents

    1. Move the base driver tar file to the directory of your choice.  For example, /usr/local/src/e1000

    2. From a terminal prompt, untar archive:

        tar zxf e1000-8.0.6.tar.gz

    3. Change to the driver src directory:

        cd e1000-8.0.6/src/

    Step 4 was where I started having problems

    4.  make install

    should have compiled the driver module.  Instead, I received the following error:

    Linux kernel source not found in any of these locations:
    *** Install the appropriate kernel development package, e.g.
    *** kernel-devel, for building kernel modules and try again. Stop.

    I opened YaST and searched for kernel-devel, but that package was not listed.  I did see a kernel-source package, which I installed.  I then ran make install again, and this time I received a different error message:

    Makefile:131: *** Compiler not found.  Stop.

    I went back into YaST, installed the gcc compiler, which added glibc-devel and libmudflap packages as dependencies, and ran make install once again.  This time it compiled successfully.

    The binary was installed as /lib/modules/

    5.  Make sure to remove any older existing drivers before loading the new driver:

    rmmod e1000

    6.  The module was then loaded using the following syntax:

    insmod /lib/modules/

    Once you assign an IP address, you should be able to use the interface.