Howto: Automatically Slipstream Windows XP with SP2 and All Post-SP2 Security Hotfixes with a Single Command

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Ross has updated his batch file xpsp2.cmd to automatically download and slipstream a standard Windows XP boot disk with Service Pack 2 and all post-SP2 security hotfixes. It uses wget, curl, or your Internet browser to download the updates. He has tested this with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. His batch file xpsp2local.cmd will update […]

Howto: Use the Windows Debugging Tools to analyze a crash dump (BSOD)

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Occasionally, my Windows XP SP2 laptop has had the Blue Screen of Death appear unexpectedly. It doesn’t occur when any particular application is running, and nothing ever is written to the event logs. Of course I’m never at the computer when this happens, so I haven’t been able to see what messages and parameters are […]

Howto: Speed up your Network Connection on Windows Vista

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Dana has a nice post on how to use netsh to tune network connection settings on Windows Vista. He reports that their downloads “went from 700Kbit download speeds to 18Mbit”. First, launch an elevated command prompt by clicking Start, typing cmd in the search box, then hold down ctrl+shift and press enter. To view your […]

mrt.exe reports back to Microsoft

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Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) helps remove malware infections of specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom. If your machine run Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows Server 2003 and you have Automatic Updates enabled on your computer, MRT is automatically updated on the second Tuesday of each month. After MRT runs, it […]

Script to add an Active Directory Domain User or Group to a Windows Local Group

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This Technet Hey Scripting Guy column describes how to add a Domain Group to a Local Windows Group: strComputer = “atl-ws-001” Set objLocalGroup = GetObject(“WinNT://” & strComputer & “/TestGroup”) Set objADGroup = GetObject(“WinNT://Fabrikam/Finance”) objLocalGroup.Add(objADGroup.ADsPath) where: atl-ws-001 is the name of the local computer you wish to add the domain group to TestGroup is the name […]

64-bit Windows isn’t displaying files saved in the Office 2007 format when searching for Documents

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Brandon has posted the answer to a question that has been driving me mad… why my Office 2007 files, saved in their native formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc) are not displayed when I search for files of type “Document” from my Windows Vista machine. It appears that the issue is with where 64-bit versions of Windows […]

Reinstalling System Restore on Windows XP

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One of my main network monitoring computers, a Windows XP SP2 machine, has had some major problems with lack of responsiveness this week. I can’t find any traces of malware or corruption, so I decided it was time to perform a System Restore (SR). Unfortunately, the machine froze solid each time the system restore process […]

Howto: List all installed Windows updates in an easy to read format

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Jesper has written a .vbs script that easily lists all installed updates on a Windows machine and outputs the results to a nicely formatted .htm file. The .htm file included links to the applicable Microsoft KB article for the particular update, and also includes the installation date. To run the script, start a command prompt […]

Howto: download a web browser from Windows when your web browser doesn’t work

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Suppose your Windows machine has a broken Internet Explorer – How are you supposed to get online to download patches and utilities to fix the problem? Use the built-in Windows FTP tool to download Firefox from a mirror site! This was found on the SANS Internet Storm Center web site: To start FTP, click Start […]

Microsoft Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool Kit

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A blocking tool is available for organizations that would like to temporarily prevent installation of Service Pack updates through Windows Update. This tool can be used with: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (valid through March, 2008) Windows XP Service Pack 3 (valid for 12 months following general availability) Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (valid […]