Howto: Mount a Windows share on SLES linux using cifs

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This post is mainly for my own benefit.  I mount Windows shares on my SuSE linux box so infrequently, I have to dig through past notes to remind myself what the syntax is. To mount a Windows share on SLES linux using cifs: mount -t cifs -o username=jsmith //po5/gwdompri /mnt/po5/gwdompri where: jsmith is the user […]

Howto: Use msizap to remove orphaned cached Windows Installer Data Files to increase free disk space

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Msizap is a command-line tool that can delete the configuration data that Windows Installer maintains for products that it installs, including the directories, files, registry subkeys, and registry entries in which Windows Installer stores configuration data. Running msizap.exe with the G parameter removes orphaned cached Windows Installer data files for all users. Running this command […]

Howto: Generate many files of a particular size in Windows

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I was recently performing some performance testing that required me to copy many files of a particular size from one Windows XP workstation to a Windows 2003 server. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to batch generate the test files. Finally I cam across the fsutil tool, which is included on […]

The deltree command equivalent for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and beyond

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Good old DOS and versions of Windows prior to Windows 2000 included the deltree.exe command. The deltree command could remove a directory and all the files the directory contained. Subdirectories could also be deleted when the /s option is used. This was extremely helpful for removing a directory structure that contained many files and folders. […]

Howto: Use DiskPart.exe with BartPE and Windows Server 2003 to align the boot disk partition before Windows Server setup runs

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You can’t run DiskPart to align the boot partition during Windows setup, so we’ll need to create the partition prior to starting setup.  We’ll need the Windows Server CD/DVD and a copy of BartPE to accomplish this. 1)  Download the BartPE Windows live CD/DVD and extract the contents.   2)  Follow the instructions found at […]

Microsoft has finally fixed their methodology for disabling Autorun on Windows operating systems

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Technet article 91525 describes a registry key that can be set to disable the Autorun feature in Windows operating systems.  The registry key is NoDriveTypeAutoRun, which can be found at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer This key disables the Autoplay feature on all drives of the type specified.  Autoplay begins reading from a drive as soon as media is inserted […]

Mark’s Windows 2008 DNS Server Command Line Cheat Sheet

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If you’re a command line type administrator like myself you’ll want to check out Mark’s Mark’s DNS Server command line cheat sheet. He’s summarized the Windows Server 2008 CLI commands relating to DNS administration. Function DNSCMD option Example Comments Do any dnscmd command on a remote system dnscmd servername command dnscmd /zoneprint   […]

Gone in 47.11 Seconds

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I was performing a little security audit today, and used PWdump to dump the contents of the SAM file from a Windows 2000 Domain Controller. I took the results from PWdump and imported them into LMcrack.  It took 47.11 seconds to enumerate 617 of the 2272 account passwords. Next I ran Richard Mueller’s DocumentGroups.vbs script which dumped the group […]

Windows Server 2008 Firewall Ports

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Mark Empson has published a nice list of firewall ports used by Windows Server 2008. Possible Rule name Description Port Path Active Directory Domain Controller – LDAP (TCP-In) Inbound rule for the Active Directory Domain Controller service to allow remote LDAP traffic. (TCP 389) 389 %systemroot%\System32\lsass.exe Active Directory Domain Controller – LDAP (UDP-In) Inbound rule […]

Updated Documentation: Changes in Functionality From Windows Server 2003 With SP1 to Windows Server 2008

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  Microsoft has released a massive new document titled Changes in Functionality From Windows Server 2003 With SP1 to Windows Server 2008. This document is 341 pages, and it applies to the released version of Windows Server 2008. It does not describe all of the changes that are included in Windows Server 2008, but instead […]