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Fix: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe when installing Windows XP SP3

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Our desktop team has finally started deploying Windows XP Service Pack 3 to corporate computers.  Their silent installation package kept failing on my laptop.  I finally ran the installer manually, and found it was failing with the following error: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe I checked the NTFS permissions, and found that Everyone was […]

Find Windows system uptime from the command line

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Here’s a quick and easy way of checking how long a Windows server or workstation has been up, via the command line.  It pipes the results of Net Statistics Workstation into find.  Run the following from a command prompt: net statistics workstation | find /i “statistics since” The results will look like Statistics since 8/12/2009 […]

Fix: The IP address you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter that is hidden from the Network Connections folder because it is not physically in the computer

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I brought up a snapshot of a Windows Server 2003 R2 guest today and could not login to the domain.  After further review I found the server had lost its static TCP/IP settings – both NICs were set to DHCP (they had previously been statically set).  When I attempted to add the TCP/IP addresses back to […]

Howto: Do not display the name of the user who has locked a Windows computer or server

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Normally when a Windows workstation or server is locked, you’ll see something similar to the following Windows Security message:   This computer is in use and has been locked.   Only DOMAIN\USER (user name) or an administrator can unlock this computer.   To not show the name of the user who has locked a computer, the […]

Howto: Disable the clicking sound in Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer

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The clicking sound that Windows plays when you click on a link in Internet Explorer or open a folder in Windows Explorer can get annoying.  Here’s how to disable the sound in Windows XP: Click Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices Click the Sounds tab Scroll down the list under Program Events. Under […]

Howto: Fix Slow USB 2.0 file transfer on Windows XP

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USB storage devices can be optimized for either quick removal or performance.  If optimized for quick removal, data transfer can potentially be reduced to a crawl.  To optimize your USB drive for performance:  Right click on the USB drive and select properties Select the Hardware tab Under All Disk Drives, highlight your USB drive and […]

Howto: Register Firefox Portable as the default Windows browser

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Ramesh has written some instructions detailing how to register Firefox Portable as the default browser for Windows XP and Windows Vista. He uses a utility called DefaultBrowser to define the default browser in XP, and uses a tool called RegisterFirefoxPortable to do the same in Vista. This is pretty slick, something I’ve been thinking about doing for […]

Windows XP SP3 and Associated Resources

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Windows XP SP3 is now available for download.  Before you manually update your machine, check out KB936929, Release notes for Windows XP Service Pack 3.  It has links to vaious other KB articles that discuss items such as troubleshooting installation problems.  You can also read the Overview of Windows XP SP3. Please be aware of […]

Howto: Automatically Slipstream Windows XP with SP2 and All Post-SP2 Security Hotfixes with a Single Command

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Ross has updated his batch file xpsp2.cmd to automatically download and slipstream a standard Windows XP boot disk with Service Pack 2 and all post-SP2 security hotfixes. It uses wget, curl, or your Internet browser to download the updates. He has tested this with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. His batch file xpsp2local.cmd will update […]