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Microsoft releases load simulation tools for desktops

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Microsoft has released their Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools which have nothing to do with Remote Desktop in the RDP sense.  Instead, the tools are designed for 32-bit and 64-bit server capacity planning and performance/scalability analysis.  According to Microsoft: In a server-based computing environment, all application execution and data processing occur on the server. Therefore it is extremely […]

Find Windows system uptime from the command line

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Here’s a quick and easy way of checking how long a Windows server or workstation has been up, via the command line.  It pipes the results of Net Statistics Workstation into find.  Run the following from a command prompt: net statistics workstation | find /i “statistics since” The results will look like Statistics since 8/12/2009 […]

Howto: Do not display the name of the user who has locked a Windows computer or server

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Normally when a Windows workstation or server is locked, you’ll see something similar to the following Windows Security message:   This computer is in use and has been locked.   Only DOMAIN\USER (user name) or an administrator can unlock this computer.   To not show the name of the user who has locked a computer, the […]

Windows 2008 Schtasks error: User credentials are not allowed on the local machine

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Last week I attempted to add a scheduled task to my Windows 2008 server using schtasks.exe. The syntax I used was: schtasks /create /S server /U DOMAIN\ACCOUNT /P password /SC daily /ST 15:00 /TN BkupIIS /TR c:\scripts\bkupiis.cmd I received the following message from schtasks.exe: User credentials are not allowed on the local machine The task […]

Using Winsat.exe in Windows Server 2008 as a performance benchmarking tool

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Microsoft has the Windows System Assessment Tool (Winsat) available for download that can assess a computer’s ability to run Windows Vista.  This tool provides a wealth of information on you hardware’s horsepower, plus it’s scriptable. It’s designed to run under Windows Vista, but can be run under Windows Server 2008 as well.  Here’s how to […]

Fix: 503 Service Unavailable when accessing content on Windows Media Services 2008 server behind load balancer

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I have three Windows 2008 Media servers that I’ve had issues with getting to work behind our F5 BigIP load balancer.  When we took packet traces, HTTP GET requests from the Media Player client have been responded to with 503 Service Unavailable.   You can read all about this particular issue at the Random on Window […]

Howto: Export IIS 7.0 web server configuration

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To export a backup copy of your IIS 7.0 configuration on a Windows 2008 Server: Open Server Manager Expand Roles – Web Server (IIS) – Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Highlight the web server name From the Management category, double click Shared Configuration Under Actions, select Export Configuration. Accept or change the default export path […]

Fix: Windows 2008 server is displayed as Windows Vista in McAfee EPO agent console

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One of my newly deployed Windows 2008 servers was being identified in the McAfee EPO 4.0 admin console as a Windows Vista machine. This was curious to me, since I had created this Windows 2008 server from the same media as it’s predecessors, and had installed all the same versions of software onto it, such […]

Howto: Edit network card bindings in Windows Server 2008

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Figuring out how to edit the order of NIC bindings on a Windows 2008 Server took quite a bit of Googling. It seems that you need to know a secret key combination to be able to view the Advanced tab, where the option to edit the NIC bindings is located. To edit the network card […]