Fix: Groupwise Webaccess error CMC initialization of the GroupWise domain database failed (f107)

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Earlier I wrote about loading Groupwise WebAccess 7.0.3HP1 into it’s own memory address space to lessen the effects of the MapSCCErrtoGWDCAErr-SCCErr errors.  My solution worked great for most of my WebAccess servers, but gwinter would fail to load on one of the Netware 6.5.5/Groupwise 7.0.3HP1 with the following error:  Groupwise Webaccess error CMC initialization of […]

Fix: Groupwise Document Viewer error GWDVA MapSCCErrtoGWDCAErr – SCCErr=11

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We have recently begun loading our Netware 6.5.5/Groupwise 7.0.3 WebAccess servers into their own memory spaces in order to aleviate the occurance of the following Groupwise Document Viewer Agent error that has caused WebAccess to become unresponsive after a number of occurances: GWDVA MapSCCErrtoGWDCAErr – SCCErr=11   TID 7001663 and TID 7001657 say that this […]

Creating eDirectory SSL certificates with alternate names to use across round robin DNS load balanced web servers

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We have three internal Apache web servers that we use for Groupwise webaccess 7.0.3.  Each server will be accessed acrossed our intranet via round robin DNS at https://webaccess/gw/webacc for email.  When users currently access this URL they are getting Internet Explorer Security Alerts, stating:   The name on the security cerrtificate is invalid or does not […]

Howto: Redirect Groupwise 6.5 url /servlet/webacc to Groupwise 7 URL /gw/webacc

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Groupwise 6.5 WebAccess is accessed via http://yourserverDNSorIP/servlet/webacc, while Groupwise 7.0 WebAccess is accessed at http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc.  Here’s how to configure Apache to redirect the old WebAccess url to the updated one: 1) On the Netware server, edit sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.conf  2) At the bottom of the file paste the following line: redirect permanent /servlet/webacc http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc replacing yourserverDNSorIP with your […]

Fix for “LDAP login failed” error when trying to install Groupwise 7 Webaccess or GWIA on SLES Linux

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To fix the LDAP login failed error when trying to install Groupwise 7 Webaccess or GWIA on SLES Linux: Go to LDAP Group object for the server (not LDAP server object).  On the General tab, uncheck Require TLS for simple binds with Password > OK Goto LDAP server object for the server, and on the […]

Fix: Groupwise webaccess hanging with “Request aborted while waiting on locked conversation” in webaccess log file

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Users of our external Groupwise 6.5.6 webaccess gateway have been experiencing problems with their sessions hanging when trying to open items. Users access our internal webaccess gateways, which are the same version and configuration as the external gateway, have not been experiencing this problem. All Groupwise servers were running on NetWare 6.5.5. and were patched […]

Groupwise Webaccess Loads, but Users Cannot See Webaccess Login Screen

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Saturday I received a frantic call from the network administrator of a client.  Their Groupwise 7.0.2 system that runs on a Netware 6.5.7 server had suddenly become inaccessible from both the Internet and local network for Webaccess clients.  Users who used the full Groupwise client reported no issues. The local admin had performed some troubleshooting prior […]