VMware Converter P2V Fails with Fatal Error

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I receveived the following error when trying to verify destination parameters when converting a physical server to a virtual machine (P2V) using Vmware Converter: Vmware vCenter Converter Standalone Fatal Error Occurred.  The most common reason for this is loss of network connection. The wizard will now be closed. Please check your network connection and try […]

Fix: Incompatible device specified for device ‘0’ when cold migrating VMware guest

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I received the following error message when using the vSphere Client to cold migrate a VMware guest running on ESX 3.0.2 to a new datastore :  Incompatible device specified for device ‘0’   The migration failed at 99%.  VMware KB 9105247 suggested the problem was an attached .ISO image file.  No .ISOs were showing as […]

Script to gracefully power off a VM guest

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You can use vmware-cmd to shut down a VMware guest.  The syntax is [sourcecode language=”perl”] vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/guest1/guest1.vmx stop [/sourcecode] Powering off a VM guest is often part of a larger script, so I need to know when the guest is really down before executing the remainder of my script.  The following code checks the guest’s state using […]

Network card configuration missing after P2V using VMware Converter

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Last night I converted a physical Windows 2003 R2 server to a VMware virtual machine using VMware Converter Standalone version 4.0.1.  The entire process was extremely simple, only four steps.  After the P2V conversion completed, the physical machine powered off, and the newly created VM booted up.  Everything appeared to be normal, until I realized […]

Howto: Reset a lost VMware guest password

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So you’ve forgotten your VMware Linux or Windows guest password?  Here’s how to reset it.  These instructions focus on resetting the password through the Virtual Infrastructure Client, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it using VMware Workstation or VMware Server.   1. Grab a Kon-Boot .iso image.   2. In the Virtual Infrastructure client, configure […]

Fix for VMWare error: Could not open virtual machine, this virtual machine appears to be in use

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This morning I received the following error when trying to power on a VMware Workstation virtual machine: Could not open virtual machine: C:\VMs\Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.vmx. This virtual machine appears to be in use. To resolve the issue, I deleted all of the .lck files and directories in the guest’s directory listed above. This […]

Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 4 now available as VMware Virtual Appliance

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Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 4 is now available as a VMware Virtual Appliance free download. The fourth alpha release of Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” is ready for testing. New features: X.Org server 1.5 brings much better support for hot-plugable input devices such as tablets, keyboards, or mice Linux kernel 2.6.26 encrypted private directory guest session – the […]

VMware Express Patch for ESX and ESXi 3.5 now available

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Yesterday I wrote that VMware was promising a patch by noon PDT today to address their licensing issue that caused version 3.5 Update 2 ESX and ESXi machines not to power on, suspended machines not to leave suspended mode, and machines not be able to be migrated via Vmotion.  Well, VMware has released patches for both systems ahead […]

A VERY bad day for VMware

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[update 2008-08-13] The patch is out, read all about it here. **************************************** Vmware Knowledge Base ID 1006716 sums up the situation quite succinctly: Unable to Power On virtual machine with “A General System error occurred: Internal error” A virtual machine fails to power on, fails to leave suspend mode, or fails to migrate with VMotion […]

Free VMware ESXi licenses

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VMware is now offering free licenses of it’s popular ESXi hypervisor.  Your license includes VMware ESXi, VMware Virtual SMP, and VMware VMFS. VMware ESXi is a full fledged bare-metal hypervisor that fits into a 32MB footprint.  VMware ESXi is essentially VMware ESX without the server console. You can run virtual machines created by Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft […]