Vista x86 patch to address 4GB+ of RAM

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Remko Weijnen has released a kernel patch that allows x86 versions of Windows Vista to address more that 4GB of RAM.  I’m going to try it on my home Vista PC tonight.  The patch has been tested with SP1 and SP2. Remko explains how his patch works, and states that the reason why Vista x86 can’t […]

Free Microsoft eBook: Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition

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Microsoft Press is making the Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition a free download for one month only. The catch is you have to sign up for the Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter, which will give you notification of offers, register, and download the free eBook selection of the month. The book is written by […]

Fix for Windows Vista Black Screen of Death, aka KSOD

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Found this solution on the LogBlog after another failed Vista boot up. This issue is being referred to as the blacK Screen Of Death (KSOD), and is described as: “KSOD Defined: Where after a reboot the Windows Vista PC boots up to a black screen with a white mouse cursor and nothing else ever loads […]

Fix: Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 losing drivers

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My Windows Vista PC has experienced all sorts of weirdness, but the most frustrating thing it has done is lose drivers.  These aren’t OEM drivers, but drivers included with Windows.  To address this problem, Microsoft has released hotfixes for the following operating systems: Update for Windows Vista (KB953631) Download the Update for Windows Vista (KB953631) […]

Exchange System Manager 2003 for Windows Vista now available

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At my previous job one of my resonsibilities was to maintain several Exchange 2003 installations.  One of the reasons I chose not to run Windows Vista on my laptop was because there was no Exchange System Manager (ESM) 2003 administrative tools that ran on Vista. The Microsoft Exchange Team Blog just announced a version of […]

Howto: Restore the Recycle Bin icon to a Windows Vista Desktop

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One of my co-workers somehow deleted his Recycle Bin icon from his Windows Vista desktop this morning.  This is what I had him do to restore it back to the desktop: Right click on the Desktop and select Personalize On the left hand side select Change Desktop Icons Select the Recycle Bin icon and click OK Your […]

It’s the day after Patch Tuesday, and my Vista Business machine has lost ALL network connectivty

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I try to be a responsible security professional, and practice what I preach. I know it’s important to keep operating systems and applications updated with security patches, so I have Microsoft’s Automatic Update configured on my home Vista PC to install automatically. I tell my friends to do this, since I don’t want them to […]

Howto: Speed up your Network Connection on Windows Vista

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Dana has a nice post on how to use netsh to tune network connection settings on Windows Vista. He reports that their downloads “went from 700Kbit download speeds to 18Mbit”. First, launch an elevated command prompt by clicking Start, typing cmd in the search box, then hold down ctrl+shift and press enter. To view your […]

64-bit Windows isn’t displaying files saved in the Office 2007 format when searching for Documents

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Brandon has posted the answer to a question that has been driving me mad… why my Office 2007 files, saved in their native formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc) are not displayed when I search for files of type “Document” from my Windows Vista machine. It appears that the issue is with where 64-bit versions of Windows […]

Using the Windows Easy Transfer Companion beta to transfer software from Windows XP to Vista

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I was happy to get my hands on the new Windows Easy Transfer Companion (WETC) beta, which is a secondary software program that helps to transfer programs from one machine to another via the network or a Windows Easy Transfer cable. WETC is designed to transfer installed programs from one computer to another computer; it […]