64-bit Windows isn’t displaying files saved in the Office 2007 format when searching for Documents

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Brandon has posted the answer to a question that has been driving me mad… why my Office 2007 files, saved in their native formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc) are not displayed when I search for files of type “Document” from my Windows Vista machine. It appears that the issue is with where 64-bit versions of Windows […]

Howto: Deploy F-Prot Antivirus 6.x with subscription key

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F-Prot Antivirus software comes in two flavors, one version that updates via the Internet, and one that updates over a LAN for corporate installations.  Over the LAN updates do not require a subscription key, while Internet updating machines do. We have many users that never again connect to the corporate network once their laptops are initially […]

Hacking ntbackup.exe and bkprunner.exe for better performance in Windows Server 2003 SP1

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I was perusing Susan’s blog today and came across her link to Chris’s great description of how to modify the bkprunner.exe process to improve backup performance in Windows Server 2003 SP1. Chris details how to use a hex editor and modify the registry to increase ntbackup performance. He also mentions that you can now use […]

IE7: How to stop from loading every time IE is started

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Every time I launch IE7 the Internet Explorer customization screen,, has been displayed instead of the three home pages I specified in Tools – Internet Options. I had completed the whole customization processs many times, but Internet Explorer never seemed to remember the settings. I found this thread that pointed me in the right […]

Howto: Enable Windows Vista UAC quiet mode

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I love the idea of Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), but I hate Microsoft’s implementation of it. I was getting ready to deploy our first Vista Business lab and I found that when starting 75% of the lab’s software , the user would get the “Windows needs your permission to continue” prompts. I understand the […]

Howto: Disable Windows Simple File Sharing via the Registry and Local Security Policy

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Microsoft KB 307874 describes how to disable Windows XP Professional’s simple file sharing. Why would you want to disable simple file sharing on your workstation? The KB explains: By default, simple file sharing is enabled on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer if the computer is not a member of a domain. With simple file sharing, […]