Howto: Do not display the name of the user who has locked a Windows computer or server

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Normally when a Windows workstation or server is locked, you’ll see something similar to the following Windows Security message:   This computer is in use and has been locked.   Only DOMAIN\USER (user name) or an administrator can unlock this computer.   To not show the name of the user who has locked a computer, the […]

Global Fix: Windows Media Player audio works, video does not

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Hearing sound but not seeing video is a very common problem associated with many versions of Windows Media Player.  The solution is to turn down the video acceleration inside of WMP (not Windows).  To do this, access WMP’s Performance options and slide the video acceleration from full down to medium, or even none if necessary.  […]

Fix: The World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) did not register the URL prefix http://x.x.x.x:80/ for site 1. The site has been disabled. The data field contains the error number

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Fix for The World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) did not register the URL prefix http://x.x.x.x:80/ for site 1. The site has been disabled. The data field contains the error number. System log Event: 1004 Source: IIS-W3SVC Error received when trying to start the stopped web site:  The process cannot access the file because […]

After upgrading to BES 4.1.3 or higher for Groupwise, excessive GWXMLData::ContactSyncRecordToXML warnings appear in the Windows Application log

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Blackberry KB15941 exlains that starting with BES 4.1, additional warnings are logged to the Blackberry Messaging and Windows Application log.  These warnings are informational in nature, and do not indicate a problem. If you’d like to reduce or eliminate these messages, KB04342 says to edit the EventLogLevel DWORD value  of the appropriate BES service located […]

Howto: Stop Backup Exec from failing entire backup jobs when corrupt files are encountered

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Here is the registry entry to stop Backup Exec from failing backup jobs when corrupt files are encountered [For Backup Exec versions 9x and 10x] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\Backup Exec\Engine\Backup [For Backup Exec versions 11x and 12x] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SYMANTEC\Backup Exec for Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Backup On the menu bar, select Edit | Add Value In the Value name field, type in […]

Microsoft has finally fixed their methodology for disabling Autorun on Windows operating systems

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Technet article 91525 describes a registry key that can be set to disable the Autorun feature in Windows operating systems.  The registry key is NoDriveTypeAutoRun, which can be found at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer This key disables the Autoplay feature on all drives of the type specified.  Autoplay begins reading from a drive as soon as media is inserted […]

Setting the Windows default logon domain

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We deploy the majority of our Windows XP computers through imaging. We use several different imaging solutions – Ghost, Zenworks, Acronis, and the Microsoft imaging tools found in Windows Deployment Services, which used to be called RIS. One of the challenges I have experienced is after you join the Active Directory domain post-imaging, Windows prompts […]

Blocking Apple software updates through Group Policy due to Safari for Windows security concerns

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I’m a big fan of keeping my software applications up to date on client machines, but I hate the fact that Apple is trying to push new Safari installations whenever users update iTunes on my Windows machines.  I found Dan’s blog post specifics on how to edit the appropriate registry keys to forbid automatic installations of Apple software, […]

Howto: Configure the Windows 2008 Server Core Screensaver Activation Period

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By default the Windows 2008 Server Core screensaver will activate after 600 seconds (10 minutes) of inactivity. To change the amount of time the screensaver waits to activate, edit the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\ScreenSaveTimeOut I changed mine from 600 seconds (10 minutes) to 1200 seconds (20 minutes). Sander has several other Desktop related settings […]

It’s the day after Patch Tuesday, and my Vista Business machine has lost ALL network connectivty

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I try to be a responsible security professional, and practice what I preach. I know it’s important to keep operating systems and applications updated with security patches, so I have Microsoft’s Automatic Update configured on my home Vista PC to install automatically. I tell my friends to do this, since I don’t want them to […]