Determining when a local Windows account password was last changed

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Our corporate policy requires us to change Windows server local Administrator passwords on a regular basis.  We have a script that accomplishes this, and after the change we do a QA check to validate the passwords were actually changed. To determine when a local account password was last set (administrator, in this example) , run […]

Howto: Reset a lost VMware guest password

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So you’ve forgotten your VMware Linux or Windows guest password?  Here’s how to reset it.  These instructions focus on resetting the password through the Virtual Infrastructure Client, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it using VMware Workstation or VMware Server.   1. Grab a Kon-Boot .iso image.   2. In the Virtual Infrastructure client, configure […]

Dell Dset utility default password

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I always forget this, so I’m posting this here for the next time I need to review a Dell Dset report, that the default password is ‘dell’. If you are not familiar with Dset, you can download it from It’s a nifty utility that provides configuration and diagnostic information for Dell’s technical support staff. […]

How to change the SQL sa password from a command prompt

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To change the SQL sa password from a command prompt: Start a command prompt by typing Start – Run – cmd Enter the following commands, pressing Enter after each line OSQL -S yourservername -E     1> EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘yourpassword’, ‘sa’     2> GO Where yourservername is the name of your server and yourpassword is the new […]

Windows Server 2008 Password Complexity Requirements

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I finally got around to installing Windows Server 2008 Standard today.  I performed a Server Core installation, and was suprised how little interaction I had to have with the installer.  It seemed like I answered three or four questions, went to get a Diet Coke, and when I came back the server was at the logon […]

Howto: Resend an Activation Password for a Blackberry Device from Blackberry Enterprise Server

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Yesterday I installed Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) on a Windows 2003 SP2 server that would synchronize with Groupwise 7.0.1. Installing BES was fairly straightforward, but getting the Groupwise client to synchronize the users and address books was another story. Once we had the entire system functioning properly, it was time to synchronize the first Blackberry […]