Assigning Netware rights via the command line

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Here at the office we have a group in charge of assigning and maintain user and group rights and permissions to our various systems.  It’s nice not having to worry about that aspect of server administration.  But I have an urgent need to have some eDirectoy group rights assigned to a specific directory on every […]

Enabling Backup Exec remote agent debug logging on Novell Netware

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We’ve been experiencing issues with some of our Backup Exec 9 remote agents losing their connections to media server during backup.  The Backup Exec server job logs report the following generic error: Final error: 0xa000fe30 – A communications failure has occurred. To help troubleshoot this problem, I decided to enable debugging on the Backup Exec remote […]

Script to backup Groupwise configuration files on Netware Part I

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I performed a Groupwise 6.5 to 7.0.3 upgrade this weekend on the domain and post office servers, and wrote a quick script to backup the agent configuration files.  It’s not a pretty script, but I wrote it in about 10 minutes and it worked on all my Netware servers.  I call this script part I […]

Novell has released patches for DNS cache poisoning vulnerability

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Novell has released patches for novell-bind on OES2 and named.nlm on Netware that address the deficiencies in the DNS protocol and common DNS implementations that facilitate DNS cache poisoning attacks described in CVE-2008-1447.    Patches for bind running on SuSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) 9 and 10, plus openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, and 11.0 were released previously.    […]

Accessing Netware iManager on Apache results in 503 error

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Last Wednesday I updated one of my Netware 6.5.7 / Zenworks 7.0.1 servers, and rebooted it to make sure everything came us as expected.  Apache loaded fine, and when I went to http://serverIP, everything worked great.  But when I attempted to access iManager at  http://serverIP/nps/iManager.html, I received a 503 error from Apache.  The same results […]

802.1x Network Authentication – FreeRADIUS with the Novell Client Resources

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One of my educational clients is going to be implementing a fairly significantly sized wireless network this summer. The are an all Cisco shop – all Cisco data electronics, VoIP system, firewall, etc. The wireless access points will be Cisco, probably 1252s, which are wireless-G and support the draft specifications for wireless-N. Their dilemma is […]

Howto: Copy files from the Netware 6.5 Server Console

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I had a badly behaving Netware 6.5 SP7 server that absolutely would not allow clients to authenticate or connect. It ended up being a problem with a NIC driver gone wild, but I had to do some troubleshooting to determine that fact. During the troubleshooting process I wanted to backup several directories before I altered […]

Identifying and Clearing Groupwise GWIA Queues of Corrupt Messages

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When the Groupwise GWIA gateway has problems sending or receiving mail, it’s often the result of a corrupt message clogging up a queue. The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem and restore mail flow is often to down the GWIA and rename the queue folders. To accomplish this on a Netware server you can stop […]

Howto: mount an .iso image on a Netware server

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I’m installing Zenworks 7SP1R2 today, and the customer did not provide the installation media.  I’m downloading the .iso’s from Novell as we speak, but don’t have access to any blank CDs to burn the image files.  I decided copying the .iso files to the server and acessing them directly would be the best solution. TID 10095903 [via […]