Howto: Install VMware Tools on Windows 2008 Server Core

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I had just performed my first Windows 2008 Server Core installation on VMware Workstation, and wanted to install the VMware tools to see if the VMs performance would increase. Logged in as Administator I started installing the tools the normal way – from inside VMware Workstation I selected VM – Install VMware Tools. Nothing happened. […]

Howto: Determine the SQL 2000 Version

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KB 321185 describes how to determine the version of SQL Server you are running. To determine which version of SQL you are running, enter the following into the SQL Query Analyzer: SELECT SERVERPROPERTY(‘productversion’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘productlevel’), SERVERPROPERTY (‘edition’) The results are: • The product version (for example, 8.00.534). • The product level (for example, “RTM” or […]

Howto: Resend an Activation Password for a Blackberry Device from Blackberry Enterprise Server

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Yesterday I installed Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) on a Windows 2003 SP2 server that would synchronize with Groupwise 7.0.1. Installing BES was fairly straightforward, but getting the Groupwise client to synchronize the users and address books was another story. Once we had the entire system functioning properly, it was time to synchronize the first Blackberry […]

Howto: Automatically Slipstream Windows XP with SP2 and All Post-SP2 Security Hotfixes with a Single Command

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Ross has updated his batch file xpsp2.cmd to automatically download and slipstream a standard Windows XP boot disk with Service Pack 2 and all post-SP2 security hotfixes. It uses wget, curl, or your Internet browser to download the updates. He has tested this with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. His batch file xpsp2local.cmd will update […]

Howto: Use the Windows Debugging Tools to analyze a crash dump (BSOD)

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Occasionally, my Windows XP SP2 laptop has had the Blue Screen of Death appear unexpectedly. It doesn’t occur when any particular application is running, and nothing ever is written to the event logs. Of course I’m never at the computer when this happens, so I haven’t been able to see what messages and parameters are […]

Howto: Copy files from the Netware 6.5 Server Console

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I had a badly behaving Netware 6.5 SP7 server that absolutely would not allow clients to authenticate or connect. It ended up being a problem with a NIC driver gone wild, but I had to do some troubleshooting to determine that fact. During the troubleshooting process I wanted to backup several directories before I altered […]

Howto: List all installed Windows updates in an easy to read format

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Jesper has written a .vbs script that easily lists all installed updates on a Windows machine and outputs the results to a nicely formatted .htm file. The .htm file included links to the applicable Microsoft KB article for the particular update, and also includes the installation date. To run the script, start a command prompt […]

Howto: download a web browser from Windows when your web browser doesn’t work

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Suppose your Windows machine has a broken Internet Explorer – How are you supposed to get online to download patches and utilities to fix the problem? Use the built-in Windows FTP tool to download Firefox from a mirror site! This was found on the SANS Internet Storm Center web site: To start FTP, click Start […]

Howto: Determine the version of eDirectory in SLES 10 SP1

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To determine the version of eDirectory running on a SLES 10 SP1 server,  from a terminal window type: ndsd –version or ndsrepair -T or ndsstat The ndsstat utility displays information related to Novell eDirectory servers. The utility displays the eDirectory tree name, the fully distinguished server name, the eDirectory version, and the RootMostEntryDepth. The RootMostEntryDepth […]

Howto: automatically remove files older than ‘x’ days, Part II

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Earlier I had posted my .vbs script for deleting files that were more than ‘x’ days old. I just ran across this script that accomplishes the same thing, using Windows 2003’s native forfiles comand (scroll down to step 4). echo on rem First Delete old SQL Backup Files FORFILES /p C:\filename /s /m *.* /d […]