Identifying and Clearing Groupwise GWIA Queues of Corrupt Messages

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When the Groupwise GWIA gateway has problems sending or receiving mail, it’s often the result of a corrupt message clogging up a queue. The easiest way to troubleshoot the problem and restore mail flow is often to down the GWIA and rename the queue folders. To accomplish this on a Netware server you can stop […]

Groupwise 7.0.2 and problems sending attachments

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For the past month or so some of our Groupwise users have been reporting problems sending email attachments. The most common complaints included: The recipient could see the attachment but it had no file extension following the file name The attachment would have an extension like .001 rather than .doc, .xls, etc. This problem was […]

Groupwise 7.0.2 Client – connect to multiple Groupwise systems using unique icons

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I have many users who have email accounts provided through multiple Groupwise systems. These systems are totally unrelated, and the users wanted easy ways to login to each system. The procedure users had been following was to : 1) Launch the Windows Groupwise client 2) Type in their Logon ID 3) Type in the host […]

When GWIA won’t unload and the server hangs

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I updated my NW65SP6 Groupwise 7.0.1 server to 7.0.2 Hot Patch 1a yesterday, and my gwia kept abending when I tried to restart it or exit it. It didn’t matter if gwia was loaded in protected memory or not, it would just lock the system console. I was unable to down the server, spawn a […]