Configure Message Size Limits in Exchange 2010

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If you’re running Exchange 2010 at your office, you may have noticed that the default incoming and outgoing message size limit  is 10,240 KB or 10 MB. These days, however, there are many attachments that far exceed this size. If you want to increase the maximum receive size and the maximum send size for emails, […]

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Shapes and Icons for Visio

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I was just diagramming an Exchange 2007 deployment and came across the Microsoft Office Visio Stencil Containing Shapes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, a free download from Microsoft. This stencil and template provided enable you to create Visio drawings that contain Exchange Server 2007 objects. These shapes include icons for Exchange 2007 server roles, networking, […]

Troubleshooting Exchange 2007 ESE Event 491

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My Exchange 2007 SP1 server started reporting Event 491 in the Application Log. Source: ESE Event ID: 491 edgetransport (3488) Transport Mail Database: An attempt to determine the minimum I/O block size for the volume “D:\” containing “D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\TransportRoles\data\Queue\” failed with system error 5 (0x00000005): “Access is denied. “. The operation will fail with […]

Troubleshooting Exchange Error 4.4.7 Delivery Delay and Failures

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  One of our partners keeps receiving the following messages when trying to email certain domains: This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. THIS IS A WARNING MESSAGE ONLY. YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESEND YOUR MESSAGE. Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed. Where is the address he’s trying to […]

Howto: Force Outlook to Download Updated Exchange Offline Address Books

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I just created a new user on my Exchange 2003 server, and wanted to verify the new account was shown in the Global Address List (GAL). I’m using the Outlook 2007 client in cached mode, and I wanted to download the updated offline address book immediately, rather than waiting for it to perform it’s scheduled […]

The correct order to stop and start BES services

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KB 13718 explains the correct order to stop and start Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) services for Microsoft Exchange: 1. BlackBerry Router. 2. BlackBerry Dispatcher. 3. BlackBerry Controller. 4. All remaining BlackBerry services. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Disaster Recovery Guide explains the correct order is: 1. BlackBerry Controller 2. BlackBerry Router 3. BlackBerry […]

Clearing out Exchange SMTP queues using AQADMCLI

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I recently had to help a customer clean up their SBS 2003 server which had been used to send out spam. It seems that one of their user accounts had been compromised, and we were able to stop the spam by changing the user’s password. The server’s performance was horrible, even after a reboot, and […]

Exchange 2003 Event 2000: “Verify that the Microsoft Exchange MTA service has started. Consecutive ma-open calls are failing with error 3051”

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One of the smaller networks I manage consists of a handful of users who connect to a SBS 2003 server. Their server keeps reporting the following in the Windows Application Log: Event: 2000 Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox “Verify that the Microsoft Exchange MTA service has started. Consecutive ma-open calls are failing with error 3051” This error […]

Exchange 2007 server sizing resources

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I’m getting ready to consult on a fairly large size Exchange 2007 deployment. The customer wants some server specs so they can get their servers ordered. Here are some of the resources I use when calculating how many servers they should purchase and how large they should be. Exchange 2007 Server Sizing Resources Exchange 2007 […]

Howto: Filter Message Tracking logs in Microsoft Exchange using Powershell

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Today I’ve been working with a vendor, trying to figure out why not all of my client’s users are receiving a certain notification email. I enabled message tracking in Exchange 2003, but it creates a log file that’s in a fairly unreadable format. I found this post that describes using the Microsoft Log Parser utility […]