Howto: Enable debug logging for Backup Exec for Windows Servers

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You can temporarily enable Backup Exec debug logging by adding the -debug start parameter to the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Servers service. This is a temporary setting that will be reset when the services are cycled or at the next server reboot.  To enable debug logging permanently, see the second section that details […]

Howto: Do not display the name of the user who has locked a Windows computer or server

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Normally when a Windows workstation or server is locked, you’ll see something similar to the following Windows Security message:   This computer is in use and has been locked.   Only DOMAIN\USER (user name) or an administrator can unlock this computer.   To not show the name of the user who has locked a computer, the […]

Fix: 0×80070005: Access is denied when running scheduled task as a non-administrator

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I was running a scheduled task on a Windows 2003 server that called a script that ran as a non-administrator on the server.  The service account that the script ran under had rights to all the appropriate directories on the server, but I still kept seeing the following error after the scheduled task failed to […]

Global Fix: Windows Media Player audio works, video does not

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Hearing sound but not seeing video is a very common problem associated with many versions of Windows Media Player.  The solution is to turn down the video acceleration inside of WMP (not Windows).  To do this, access WMP’s Performance options and slide the video acceleration from full down to medium, or even none if necessary.  […]

Fix: Groupwise alarms not working

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I had one user who was not receiving Groupwise calendar alarms. Groupwise backend is version 7.0.3HP2, user’s client is GW656UP3.  The problem was observed from different machines for this user.  Other user’s could login to the affected Groupwise client and were able to receive alarm notification, so we knew the problem was with this user’s […]

Windows 2008 Schtasks error: User credentials are not allowed on the local machine

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Last week I attempted to add a scheduled task to my Windows 2008 server using schtasks.exe. The syntax I used was: schtasks /create /S server /U DOMAIN\ACCOUNT /P password /SC daily /ST 15:00 /TN BkupIIS /TR c:\scripts\bkupiis.cmd I received the following message from schtasks.exe: User credentials are not allowed on the local machine The task […]

Fix for VMWare error: Could not open virtual machine, this virtual machine appears to be in use

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This morning I received the following error when trying to power on a VMware Workstation virtual machine: Could not open virtual machine: C:\VMs\Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.vmx. This virtual machine appears to be in use. To resolve the issue, I deleted all of the .lck files and directories in the guest’s directory listed above. This […]

Using Caspol.exe to grant .NET applications rights to a remote network share

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When you host a .NET application on a remote network share, you may receive a System.SecurityException exception error message or a security warning message. The Code Access Security Policy tool (CASPOL) enables administrators to modify security policy for the machine policy level, the user policy level, and the enterprise policy level. Caspol is used to […]

Using Winsat.exe in Windows Server 2008 as a performance benchmarking tool

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Microsoft has the Windows System Assessment Tool (Winsat) available for download that can assess a computer’s ability to run Windows Vista.  This tool provides a wealth of information on you hardware’s horsepower, plus it’s scriptable. It’s designed to run under Windows Vista, but can be run under Windows Server 2008 as well.  Here’s how to […]