clean up your new computer with PC Decrapifier

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It’s seems like every new computer comes with a ton of unwanted software. Shareware, trialware, demoware… cluttering up your new machine.  Whenever I get a new PC I immediately format the thing and reload my OS by hand.  That way I can control exactly what’s installed.   But obviously not everyone has the technical know how […]

Howto: Bend over backwards to image a Dell Optiplex 745 using Zenworks

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One of my clients uses Zenworks for Desktops 7.1 as their PC imaging platform. Recently, I was assigned the job of creating a Windows image for their brand new Dell Optiplex 745 PCs.   I’ve used Zenworks since version 3, and I’ve always felt their imaging software was one of the suite’s strengths.  But no matter what I tried, […]

Howto: enable remote desktop on a windows xp machine – remotely

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I’ve been configuring my LAN for spiceworks this afternoon. The Windows XP firewall is enabled on most of our PCs, and I didn’t want to visit each station to configure it to allow spiceworks to inventory the machine. I’m also not big into group policy here at the office (what the saying about the cobbler’s […]

Spiceworks – a free IT management system

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Today I finally got around to installing spiceworks. The web site claims the software is an IT manager’s dream – asset management and help desk, all from a simple Windows PC. The installation took all of five minutes to complete. I think the most difficult part of the install was figuring out if my […]


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Welcome to the back room tech blog. I’m a professional network engineer, and I wanted a space where I could aggregate the various technical tools I encounter during my work. I’ll also highlight various tidbits of information that IT professionals may find useful. In my job I encounter many brilliant technical people who just can’t […]

new Groupwise wikis

by File in: best practices, Groupwise has a nice collection of Groupwise wikis that cover all aspects of administering a Groupwise email system. I’ve found the maintenance wiki to be the most useful, and reference it whenever it’s time for our regularly scheduled maintenance. Other topics covered include design and best practices.

Stuck with Windows 98?

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I have several clients that are still using computers that run Windows 98 (not even second edition!). They’re small businesses that don’t have a lot of cash to spend on implementing new technologies, plus the machines are running so great they don’t want to change a thing. These machines run legacy software and will probably […]