Windows 2003 SP2 problems on Windows 2003 SBS servers

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When new service packs are released by Microsoft, I tend to wait a few weeks before installing them on my systems. Why? I’ve been burned before by ‘updates’ that make systems unstable, unusable, or even unbootable. It’s awful nice of Microsoft to finally release a KB article describing the problems Windows 2003 SP2 can cause […]

SBS Windows 2003 error – Event 3006 Source Perflib Unable to read the performance counter strings of the 00x language ID – Solved

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I had a Windows 2003 Small Business Server box that has been getting the following error repeatedly: “Event 3006, Source Perflib: Unable to read the performance counter strings of the 00x language ID” I checked first, but none of the suggestions helped. I googled the error, and came across this post on the […]

troubleshooting the inetinfo.exe process running at 100% utilization

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One of my clients has a Windows 2000 SP4/ Exchange 2000 SP3 server that I support. They know if needs to be replaced soon, but because they are already handling too many other projects, they are attempting to hold off on migrating to Exchange 2007 in summer 2008. Everything had been running great on the […]

Howto: upgrade the zenworks for desktops agent from version 6.5 to 7.0.1

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      [edited August 10, 2007] I just posted my method for installing/upgrading the ZfD agent via a Novell login script [begin original post] I ran a Zenworks software inventory report against my database today, and was suprised to find two things: 1) I still has a bunch of machines running the old zfd […]

dealing with the svchost/msi problem

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Many people have been experiencing Windows lockups and 100% CPU utilization due to the infamous svchost/msi problem. The apparent culprit is the Automatic Updates/Windows Update client – check out the sequence of updates that Microsoft has released to address this issue. KB92781 was first released February 20, 2007. Thanks for finally getting this fixed Microsoft, […]

not so common troubleshooting tools for Windows XP

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I’ve been working on some flaky XP machines in my spare time lately. Some get the bsod, some just lock up, some shut themselves off. I’ve found some troubleshooting tools that weren’t on my radar until recently. the Windows XP change diagnostic tool (requires xp sp2, runs in both wizard and command line mode the […]

groupwise 7.0.1 decided to stop sending and receiving Internet mail

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A Groupwise 7.0.1 system running on Netware 6.5 that I support just decided to stop sending and receiving Internet mail today. Restarting the agents and spam filtering software didn’t help, and neither did bouncing the server. The MTA wasn’t moving any mail, and I’d see in the POA log file the following message: “Error: Path […]

windows event 1524 – Windows cannot unload your classes registry file

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It seems that I see PCs every day with the following warning in the event log: Event: 1524        Source: userenv “Windows cannot unload your classes registry file – it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.” The error doesn’t seem to […]

windows live folders is offline

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I signed up to beta test earlier this month, but apparently Microsoft has pulled the plug on the site.  They were offering 500MB of free space, with a maximum file size of 50MB. Users will be able to upload and share files and folders associated with their account.  You can find some nice screenshots at LiveSide. You […]

Howto: Demo Exchange 2007 for free

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I haven’t played around inside Exchange 2007 as much as I would like to, mostly because I don’t have a machine available that meets the system requirements.  Sad, but true.  Can’t even run the Exchange 2007 VHD on another PC. Microsoft has implemented a hosted Exchange 2007 web site that allows you to fully demo […]