Quickbooks Pro 2005 crashes after login to company

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Quickbooks 2005 decided to quit running on my Windows XP SP2 a few weeks ago. Nothing had changed on my machine or the server, and none of the other client machines were experiencing this problem. I started by trying to perform a Quickbooks repair, but the problem persisted. Uninstalling and reinstalling Quickbooks didn’t change anything […]

OES Linux: YaST Install and Remove Software hangs at Checking Dependencies

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Last week I completed a fresh install of Novell’s OES Linux from the SP2 .iso CDs, and used rug to update the server with all the available patches. I needed to install NSS, so I went into YaST to add the software, but the server kept hanging at the checking dependencies screen. Rebooting the server […]

Howto: Patch an OES Linux server after a new installation using the Red Carpet (rug) command line

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Before you do anything else, if you’re running an OES version prior to SP2, make sure you prepare the OES server for patching. A Cool Tool is available to make this process easier. If you are running OES SP2, read TID3045794 for an overview of the process. That being said, I have a brand new […]

Howto: Deploy the Groupwise Client 7 using Zenworks

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Beginning with Groupwise 6 SP1 I deployed the Groupwise client using the .aot files included with the client setup program . Starting with Groupwise 7 you’ll need to deploy the client via Zenworks using .msi files. First, copy the client directory to a network share where users have at least read and file scan rights. […]

Howto: Filter Message Tracking logs in Microsoft Exchange using Powershell

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Today I’ve been working with a vendor, trying to figure out why not all of my client’s users are receiving a certain notification email. I enabled message tracking in Exchange 2003, but it creates a log file that’s in a fairly unreadable format. I found this post that describes using the Microsoft Log Parser utility […]

Which anti-virus software should I use?

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As a professional consultant, my clients always look to me for guidance regarding which software programs to use. I’d say 90% of my new clients use Symantec/McAfee programs because: Their computer/server came pre-installed with it. Name recognition – they’ve never heard of any of the other A-V manufacturers Their previous network support staff recommended it, […]

howto: create a shadow session, where a local user and a remote user can control the same session in Windows XP and 2003

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In Windows (XP+ natively, Windows 2000 with additional software), you can connect to other Windows computers via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) or Terminal Services Client (TSC). The problem is, if someone is already logged in locally on destination computer, once they give permission for the remote user to take control of their system, the screen […]

When GWIA won’t unload and the server hangs

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I updated my NW65SP6 Groupwise 7.0.1 server to 7.0.2 Hot Patch 1a yesterday, and my gwia kept abending when I tried to restart it or exit it. It didn’t matter if gwia was loaded in protected memory or not, it would just lock the system console. I was unable to down the server, spawn a […]

Howto: speed up Windows Server / SBS 2003 shutdown time

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Sometimes Windows servers take forever to shutdown. I’ve known several people who’ve caused problems for themself by geting impatient and shutting off the server via the power button, rather than waiting for a graceful shutdown. According to KB827610, the culprit is the WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry key, which by default waits up to 10 minutes to before […]

Howto: automatically remove files older than ‘x’ days

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Tape backups have failed me too many times, so I now do my Windows backup to an external hard drive. One of the office staff is in charge of swapping out our backup drives and taking it offsite. I needed a solution that would remove old backups without user intervention so they wouldn’t have to […]