Howto: send a ctrl-alt-del using remote desktop

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Every once in a while I need to send a ctrl-alt-del within a remote desktop session, usually when the session has been inactive for a while.  I always forget how to do it, and have to Google it. So, mostly as a reminder to myself, the keystrokes to send are: Ctrl-Alt-End Or, follow these instructions […]

Microsoft request hotfix web submission form

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Hotfixes are small patches that address very specific problems with Microsoft products.  These patches are not available to the general public for download. In the past, technicians have had to call Microsoft’s 1-800 number to request access to the hotfixes. Now, you can submit an online request for the hotfixes.  All you need to do is provide […]

ZDM 7SP1 and the case of the missing nalagent.exe

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We just pushed out updates to our Zenworks for Desktops agent, upgrading from version 7.1 hot patch 1 to version 7.1 hot patch 3, and all of a sudden some clients weren’t receiving their NAL apps. I did some comparing of stations that had been upgraded against ones that still had the 7.1HP1 agent, and […]

Zenworks Imaging: PXE-T04 Illegal TFTP operation on workstations

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Managing multiple Remote Desktop/Terminal Server connections using Terminals

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I manage many Windows servers using Remote Desktop/RDC or Terminal Services. I have an icon saved to my desktop for each server, which contains the configuration settings for each specific connection, such as domain, user name, etc. This allows me to quickly connect to the server by double-clicking it’s shortcut and entering the appropriate password. […]

Howto: Installing the Zenworks for Desktops agent via a login script

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It’s that time of year again, where we push out new applications as users return from their summer vacations. We deploy programs using Zenworks for Desktops 7.0.1, but a number of machines have the outdated agent or are brand new and don’t have the agent software installed. My goal was to push out the updated […]

Interpreting ABEND.LOG using the ABENDLogFilter utility

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Novell Netware ABEND.LOG files capture abnormal endings (aka abends), which are the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death.  ABEND.LOGs typically contain a few lines of useful information for us consultant types, while the majority of the data is memory and stack contents, which probably only makes sense to developer types. The ABENDLogFilter utility will parse […]

Update #2 on random eDirectory network login problems and weirdness

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Last week I wrote about the random login weirdness that plagued users trying to login to our Netware/Windows/SLES eDirectory network. It seems that uninstalling/reboot/reinstalling NICI on the affected workstations sequence did not fix the problem for all users. Today I found that if I go into the Novell Client 4.91 SP2 properties, select the advanced […]

Aardvark: A practical application for this Firefox add-on extension

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Today, While I surfing instead of finishing a report I have to present Monday, I came across the Aardvark extension for Firefox. This add-on allows you to remove excess clutter from web pages so they look cleaner, print faster, and consume less ink. For my example I took this web page and decided to remove […]

Update on random eDirectory network login problems and weirdness

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Earlier I wrote about random network weirdness I’ve been experiencing where new eDirectory users created in the past week couldn’t login to the network, regardless of which machine or client they were using, or which WAN link they were on. No errors show up in the event logs, and dstrace shows no eDirectory errors. The […]