SQL query to find BES UserID

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Had a support call today about a user not receiving email on his Blackberry device.  After a phone call to Research in Motion, we determined the user was out of the coverage area.  Very frustrating.  All the information was in the Blackberry Enterprise Server’s MAGT log, I just didn’t know how to find it.  Here’s […]

Script to remotely list Windows local administrator group membership

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The following script can be run against remote Windows machines, and will enumerate the contents of the remote server’s local administrators group. It requires Sysinternals PSExec utility, and must be run with administrative credentials.  Set the four paths to the correct locations for your workstation. REM set path to PSexec on machine the script is […]

Fix: SQL Configuration Manager Connection to target machine could not be made in a timely fashion

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Things didn’t go too smoothly yesterday when I was trying to reconfigure our SQL 2005 cluster and it’s database locations.  At one point I couldn’t even get SQL Configuration Manager to start up.  At various times I received both of the following errors. The request failed or the service did not respond in a timely […]

How to remotely wipe a media card in a BlackBerry smartphone

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I was very excited to see the KB17776 article released by Research In Motion today entitled How to remotely wipe an installed microSD media card in a BlackBerry smartphone.  Just yesterday we had a Storm stolen, and I was wondering how to wipe the media card. Unfortunately, this has to be the most useless KB article […]

Script to find and email files in a directory

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I needed to write a batch file that would email some files, and could be run as a scheduled task.  I chose to use Blat as my email program, you can download it for free from SourceForge. The batch file requirements were:  1.  Had to email all the .xls files in one directory from the current date. […]

Howto: Disable a NIC when running Sysprep

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Disabling a network card when running sysprepping a Windows machine is easy.  Two things need to happen:  1.  Add the following command to the [GuiRunOnce] section of your sysprep.inf file   Command0=”C:\temp\disablenic.cmd”   2.  On the machine you are sysprepping, create a C:\temp\disablenic.cmd file that contains the following:   netsh interface set interface “Local Area […]

Fix: Blackberry Media Manager exits with R6025 pure virtual function call error

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My Blackberry Media Manager kept exiting on me when trying to access the Media stored on my Blackberry Storm.  The specific error was: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library X Runtime Error! Program: C:\program Files\Roxio\Media Manager 9\Mediamanager9.exe R6025 – pure virtual function call The problem ended up being that the RoxMediaDB9 service was disabled. I changed the […]

Fix: SQL agent wont start on Windows 2003 Cluster, Event 53

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The Problem SQL Agent won’t start on a Windows cluster for a particular instance The Symptoms Seen in Windows Application log   Event: 53 Source: SQLAgent$CF3Common Category: Failover   [sqagtres] OnlineThread: Error 6 bringing resource online. [sqagtres] OnlineThread: ResUtilSetResourceServiceEnvironment failed (status 6)   The Cause   In Cluster Administrator, the SQL Server Agent had lost […]

Microsoft releases load simulation tools for desktops

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Microsoft has released their Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools which have nothing to do with Remote Desktop in the RDP sense.  Instead, the tools are designed for 32-bit and 64-bit server capacity planning and performance/scalability analysis.  According to Microsoft: In a server-based computing environment, all application execution and data processing occur on the server. Therefore it is extremely […]

Howto automatically change the CD-ROM drive letter after running sysprep

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I’m finalizing a Windows 2003 R2 build that will become our gold image, which will be the source of all new server deployments within our organization.  One challenge I had to overcome was getting the CD-ROM/DVD drive to be set to drive Z: after the syspreped image is cloned and booted. Many people are familiar with changing […]