Fix Task Manager Problems in Windows

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This post covers two problems you may have experienced with the Task Manager in Windows. These include:

Task Manager Missing Menus and Tabs
Disabled Task Manager

If you’re having either one of these problems with the Task Manager in Windows 7, read this post to fix your problem. Enjoy!

Fix Windows 7 MBR

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Unfortunately with Windows 7, the MBR (Master Boot Record) can become corrupted just like in Windows XP or Windows Vista. If the MBR becomes corrupt in Windows 7, you might get a message saying “Operating System not found” when trying boot up your computer. This message usually scares everyone because you cannot load the operating […]

Use Command Line Switches in Outlook 2010

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By default, running Outlook.exe will launch the program and start it normally in Windows. This is what occurs when you click on the Outlook desktop icon. However, there are many times where it would be useful to alter the startup of Outlook 2010 by adding a command line switch. Instead of running outlook.exe, you can […]

Determine IP Address From a MAC Address

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Ever had to reverse lookup an IP address? Kind of like looking up a home address using a phone number? If you’re in IT, you might come across the occasional situation where you have a MAC address, but need to figure out what the IP address is. There are a couple of ways you can […]

Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Has Encountered a Problem

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Last week, I turned on my computer running Windows XP and got the following error message when I would boot up the computer: generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem This error can occur in different situations depending on the computer. For instance, you may see this message whenever you start your […]

Fix BlackBerry “No Available Message Stores” Synchronization Error

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Recently, I was trying to sync my BlackBerry with my Windows PC running Microsoft Outlook. I ran into a bit of a problem and kept getting the following error messages below from the Microsoft Outlook Connector: No Available Message Stores I was using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software and would get this annoying error message […]

Configure Message Size Limits in Exchange 2010

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If you’re running Exchange 2010 at your office, you may have noticed that the default incoming and outgoing message size limit  is 10,240 KB or 10 MB. These days, however, there are many attachments that far exceed this size. If you want to increase the maximum receive size and the maximum send size for emails, […]

Determining when a local Windows account password was last changed

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Our corporate policy requires us to change Windows server local Administrator passwords on a regular basis.  We have a script that accomplishes this, and after the change we do a QA check to validate the passwords were actually changed. To determine when a local account password was last set (administrator, in this example) , run […]

VMware Converter P2V Fails with Fatal Error

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I receveived the following error when trying to verify destination parameters when converting a physical server to a virtual machine (P2V) using Vmware Converter: Vmware vCenter Converter Standalone Fatal Error Occurred.  The most common reason for this is loss of network connection. The wizard will now be closed. Please check your network connection and try […]

Fix: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe when installing Windows XP SP3

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Our desktop team has finally started deploying Windows XP Service Pack 3 to corporate computers.  Their silent installation package kept failing on my laptop.  I finally ran the installer manually, and found it was failing with the following error: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe I checked the NTFS permissions, and found that Everyone was […]