Zenworks Imaging: PXE-T04 Illegal TFTP operation on workstations

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Howto: Installing the Zenworks for Desktops agent via a login script

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It’s that time of year again, where we push out new applications as users return from their summer vacations. We deploy programs using Zenworks for Desktops 7.0.1, but a number of machines have the outdated agent or are brand new and don’t have the agent software installed. My goal was to push out the updated […]

Howto: Enable logging on Zenworks for Desktops Windows clients

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I was experiencing some weirdness when applying user policies to my Windows XP SP2 admin machines today. For some strange reason yet to be determined, administrators were locked out of almost everything in XP despite having a wide open user policy, and no workstation policies defined for their machines. We had correctly configured the search […]

Scripts for Zenworks for Desktops on SLES 10 server

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I have a SLES 10 server that runs all of my Zenworks for Desktops components.  Whenever we have problems with one of the Zenworks components, the first thing I do is run this script that tells me the status of all the appropriate daemons: #begin zencheck.sh #!/bin/bash #check status of Zenworks services clear . /etc/rc.status […]

Howto: Deploy Adobe Reader 8 with Zenworks

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I wrote a small Zenworks NAL app that pushes out Adobe Reader 8 to network users. I used the Adobe customization wizard 8 to create the Microsoft MST Transform files that modify the Adobe Reader MSI file. Then I deployed the MSI in Zenworks in conjunction with the modified MST. Check out msiwisdom for more […]

Howto: upgrade the zenworks for desktops agent from version 6.5 to 7.0.1

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      [edited August 10, 2007] I just posted my method for installing/upgrading the ZfD agent via a Novell login script [begin original post] I ran a Zenworks software inventory report against my database today, and was suprised to find two things: 1) I still has a bunch of machines running the old zfd […]

Howto: Bend over backwards to image a Dell Optiplex 745 using Zenworks

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One of my clients uses Zenworks for Desktops 7.1 as their PC imaging platform. Recently, I was assigned the job of creating a Windows image for their brand new Dell Optiplex 745 PCs.   I’ve used Zenworks since version 3, and I’ve always felt their imaging software was one of the suite’s strengths.  But no matter what I tried, […]