ShellRunas – Launch Programs with Different Account Credentials from the Windows Context Menu

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ShellRunas is free utility from Microsoft that integrates into the Windows context menu to launch programs as a different user. It provides similar functionality to that of the command line based RunAs utility. ShellRunas works on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008, and is created by Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals […]

Windows Server 2008 Firewall Ports

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Mark Empson has published a nice list of firewall ports used by Windows Server 2008. Possible Rule name Description Port Path Active Directory Domain Controller – LDAP (TCP-In) Inbound rule for the Active Directory Domain Controller service to allow remote LDAP traffic. (TCP 389) 389 %systemroot%\System32\lsass.exe Active Directory Domain Controller – LDAP (UDP-In) Inbound rule […]

Updated Documentation: Changes in Functionality From Windows Server 2003 With SP1 to Windows Server 2008

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  Microsoft has released a massive new document titled Changes in Functionality From Windows Server 2003 With SP1 to Windows Server 2008. This document is 341 pages, and it applies to the released version of Windows Server 2008. It does not describe all of the changes that are included in Windows Server 2008, but instead […]

VMware Running on Windows Host Security Hole

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If you are running VMware on a Windows host configured with host-to-guest shared folders, it is possible for a program running in the guest to gain access to the host’s complete file system and create or modify executable files in sensitive locations. A vulnerability exists in VMware’s shared folders mechanism that grants users of a […]

Windows Live SkyDrive is out of Beta with 5GB storage!

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Windows Live SkyDrive is out of beta, with 5GB of online storage per user. You can choose to password protect your files and folders, or share them with the world. If you don’t have a Windows Live ID, you can get one here.

No RDP access or Internet activity after installing ISA 2004 SP3

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Yesterday I was using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop (RDP) to review the Event Logs for a Windows 2003 Appliance that runs ISA 2004 SP2 server at a client’s remote location. I noticed in the system log unsuccessful installation entries for Windows Update patches: Event ID: 16 Source: Windows Update Agent Unable to Connect: Windows is unable […]

KB 935796 – Programs that are incompatible with Windows Vista SP1

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Keep an eye on KB 935796 – It lists programs that are known to be incompatible with Windows Vista Service Pack 1.  It  also provides links to the manufacturer’s web site for more information, patches, or new versions of the software.

It’s the day after Patch Tuesday, and my Vista Business machine has lost ALL network connectivty

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I try to be a responsible security professional, and practice what I preach. I know it’s important to keep operating systems and applications updated with security patches, so I have Microsoft’s Automatic Update configured on my home Vista PC to install automatically. I tell my friends to do this, since I don’t want them to […]

Howto: Automatically Slipstream Windows XP with SP2 and All Post-SP2 Security Hotfixes with a Single Command

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Ross has updated his batch file xpsp2.cmd to automatically download and slipstream a standard Windows XP boot disk with Service Pack 2 and all post-SP2 security hotfixes. It uses wget, curl, or your Internet browser to download the updates. He has tested this with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. His batch file xpsp2local.cmd will update […]

Windows 2008 Upgrade Paths, and the Problem with Exchange 2007

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Ask The Performance Team has a blog posting on the upgrade paths for Windows 2008, which is set to be released at the end of this month. To begin, lets get two things clarified right away. There is no way to perform cross-platform upgrades, i.e. x86 to x64 architecture, and there is no way to […]