Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Has Encountered a Problem

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Last week, I turned on my computer running Windows XP and got the following error message when I would boot up the computer: generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem This error can occur in different situations depending on the computer. For instance, you may see this message whenever you start your […]

Fix: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe when installing Windows XP SP3

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Our desktop team has finally started deploying Windows XP Service Pack 3 to corporate computers.  Their silent installation package kept failing on my laptop.  I finally ran the installer manually, and found it was failing with the following error: Setup cannot copy the file winhlp32.exe I checked the NTFS permissions, and found that Everyone was […]

FIX: ipconfig /registerdns results in RPC server unavailable error

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A new Windows 2003 R2 server was not automatically registering itself in DNS despite having “Register this connection’s addresses in DNS” selected. Performing an ipconfig /registerdns resulted in a “RPC server unavailable” error message.   The solution was to temporarily enable the DHCP Client service, which we disable as a part of our server build […]

Microsoft releases load simulation tools for desktops

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Microsoft has released their Remote Desktop Load Simulation Tools which have nothing to do with Remote Desktop in the RDP sense.  Instead, the tools are designed for 32-bit and 64-bit server capacity planning and performance/scalability analysis.  According to Microsoft: In a server-based computing environment, all application execution and data processing occur on the server. Therefore it is extremely […]

Find Windows system uptime from the command line

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Here’s a quick and easy way of checking how long a Windows server or workstation has been up, via the command line.  It pipes the results of Net Statistics Workstation into find.  Run the following from a command prompt: net statistics workstation | find /i “statistics since” The results will look like Statistics since 8/12/2009 […]

Fix: The IP address you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter that is hidden from the Network Connections folder because it is not physically in the computer

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I brought up a snapshot of a Windows Server 2003 R2 guest today and could not login to the domain.  After further review I found the server had lost its static TCP/IP settings – both NICs were set to DHCP (they had previously been statically set).  When I attempted to add the TCP/IP addresses back to […]

Setting the Qlogic HBA Execution Throttle in Windows Server 2003

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According to the QLogic FC HBA in an EMC Environment document,   Execution throttle is a HBA parameter that controls the maximum number of I/O commands executing on any one HBA port. When a port’s execution throttle is reached, no new commands are executed until the current command finishes executing…Any more I/O commands will have […]

Right mouse click keyboard shortcut

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Sometimes I support remote servers that have slow WAN links.  Using the mouse can be frustrating, so I try to do as much work using the keyboard as I can. I always forget the key combination that simulates a right mouse click, so I’m going to post it in hopes that it will help me […]

Fix: Could not start the Automatic Updates service on Local Computer. Error 0×80004015: The class is configuired to run as a security id different from the caller

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Issue: Automatic Updates (AU) service is disabled by group policy, attempting to start the service results in the following error on a Windows XP SP2 machine:  Could not start the Automatic Updates service on Local Computer.  Error 0x80004015: The class is configuired to run as a security id different from the caller   Solution   […]

Vista x86 patch to address 4GB+ of RAM

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Remko Weijnen has released a kernel patch that allows x86 versions of Windows Vista to address more that 4GB of RAM.  I’m going to try it on my home Vista PC tonight.  The patch has been tested with SP1 and SP2. Remko explains how his patch works, and states that the reason why Vista x86 can’t […]