howto: create a shadow session, where a local user and a remote user can control the same session in Windows XP and 2003

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In Windows (XP+ natively, Windows 2000 with additional software), you can connect to other Windows computers via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) or Terminal Services Client (TSC). The problem is, if someone is already logged in locally on destination computer, once they give permission for the remote user to take control of their system, the screen […]

Howto: speed up Windows Server / SBS 2003 shutdown time

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Sometimes Windows servers take forever to shutdown. I’ve known several people who’ve caused problems for themself by geting impatient and shutting off the server via the power button, rather than waiting for a graceful shutdown. According to KB827610, the culprit is the WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry key, which by default waits up to 10 minutes to before […]

Windows Server 2003 Event: 1056 Source: DHCPserver

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A Windows 2003 SP1 DHCP server on one of my client’s network just started getting the following error in the server’s system log all of a sudden: “The DHCP service has detected that it is running on a DC and has no credentials configured for use with Dynamic DNS registrations initiated by the DHCP service. […]

My unattended Windows XP deployment methods

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I frequently need to create ‘base’ images for new computer models my organizations acquire. Until recently, the process was always the same: Install Windows XP Enter information, such as license key, at all prompts during the setup process Apply Windows XP SP2 (my volume license media was only SP1) Install Microsoft Update client Download all […]

Windows 2003 SP2 problems on Windows 2003 SBS servers

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When new service packs are released by Microsoft, I tend to wait a few weeks before installing them on my systems. Why? I’ve been burned before by ‘updates’ that make systems unstable, unusable, or even unbootable. It’s awful nice of Microsoft to finally release a KB article describing the problems Windows 2003 SP2 can cause […]

dealing with the svchost/msi problem

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Many people have been experiencing Windows lockups and 100% CPU utilization due to the infamous svchost/msi problem. The apparent culprit is the Automatic Updates/Windows Update client – check out the sequence of updates that Microsoft has released to address this issue. KB92781 was first released February 20, 2007. Thanks for finally getting this fixed Microsoft, […]

not so common troubleshooting tools for Windows XP

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I’ve been working on some flaky XP machines in my spare time lately. Some get the bsod, some just lock up, some shut themselves off. I’ve found some troubleshooting tools that weren’t on my radar until recently. the Windows XP change diagnostic tool (requires xp sp2, runs in both wizard and command line mode the […]

windows event 1524 – Windows cannot unload your classes registry file

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It seems that I see PCs every day with the following warning in the event log: Event: 1524        Source: userenv “Windows cannot unload your classes registry file – it is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.” The error doesn’t seem to […]

Stuck with Windows 98?

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I have several clients that are still using computers that run Windows 98 (not even second edition!). They’re small businesses that don’t have a lot of cash to spend on implementing new technologies, plus the machines are running so great they don’t want to change a thing. These machines run legacy software and will probably […]