Managing multiple Remote Desktop/Terminal Server connections using Terminals

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I manage many Windows servers using Remote Desktop/RDC or Terminal Services. I have an icon saved to my desktop for each server, which contains the configuration settings for each specific connection, such as domain, user name, etc. This allows me to quickly connect to the server by double-clicking it’s shortcut and entering the appropriate password. […]

Interpreting ABEND.LOG using the ABENDLogFilter utility

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Novell Netware ABEND.LOG files capture abnormal endings (aka abends), which are the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death.  ABEND.LOGs typically contain a few lines of useful information for us consultant types, while the majority of the data is memory and stack contents, which probably only makes sense to developer types. The ABENDLogFilter utility will parse […]

Process Explorer: Task Manager on steriods

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I’ve been working on troubleshooting a Netware server issue all morning. I don’t have a copy of AdRem on hand, so I’ve been using rconj.exe instead to access the server console remotely. Usually rconj works well enough, but for some reason it keeps locking up on me today. Rebooting Windows hasn’t made the problem go […]

Documenting changes and processes: CaseNotes

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I have a very bad habit that I know many people in the IT engineering field suffer from: Poor documentation. We tend to focus on getting the server/software/device up and running, and once it’s functional, we continue to tweak it until it works perfectly. Unfortunately, we tend to not document the steps we took to […]

Howto: Gather troubleshooting information for OES/SLES Linux using Novell’s supportconfig tool

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Novell released two new Linux troubleshooting tools this week (See TID 3513679 for details).  One is specific only to NSS volumes on OES clusters, while the other, supportconfig, gathers all types of information about your server. Getting started with supportconfig is really simple.  Download the rpm, then install it using the following syntax from a […]

Howto: Using AD Restore and PSexec to remotely restore a deleted object from Active Directory

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I was surfing while installing Windows 2003 servers today, and came across AD Explorer. This utility is from Sysinternals (now owned by Microsoft), that allows you to view a whole slew of information regarding your Active Directory tree. You can even take snapshots of your tree and save them for offline viewing. Note: The domain […]

Why I don’t save passwords in my browser

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I’ve long been an advocate of not saving passwords to web sites in my Internet browser.  Why?  Because it’s so easy to view the passwords with simple utilities readily available on the Internet. But now you can view passwords stored in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, and Opera with one simple line of javascript code: javascript:(function(){var […]

clean up your new computer with PC Decrapifier

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It’s seems like every new computer comes with a ton of unwanted software. Shareware, trialware, demoware… cluttering up your new machine.  Whenever I get a new PC I immediately format the thing and reload my OS by hand.  That way I can control exactly what’s installed.   But obviously not everyone has the technical know how […]

Howto: enable remote desktop on a windows xp machine – remotely

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I’ve been configuring my LAN for spiceworks this afternoon. The Windows XP firewall is enabled on most of our PCs, and I didn’t want to visit each station to configure it to allow spiceworks to inventory the machine. I’m also not big into group policy here at the office (what the saying about the cobbler’s […]