IE7 RDP web client fix

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We have a security appliance that manages user passwords.  One feature of this appliance is it can initiate a RDP session to a Windows box and pass the user’s credentials for authentication, which allows the users to access the remote system without knowing their password.  This appliance uses the Remote Desktop Web Connection ActiveX control, and […]

Free Microsoft eBook: Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition

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Microsoft Press is making the Windows Vista Resource Kit, Second Edition a free download for one month only. The catch is you have to sign up for the Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter, which will give you notification of offers, register, and download the free eBook selection of the month. The book is written by […]

Reinstalling the McAfee Common Management Agent Framework (framepkg.exe) without a reboot

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Normally reinstalling the McAfee Common Management Agent (CMA) requires a reboot in order for the server to be properly displayed in the EPO management interface.  Here’s how to perform the reinstall, minus the reboot requirement.  1.  Connect to the Windows server console by logging directly onto the server, or by connecting via RDP by running […]

The Conficker.B worm and weak passwords

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All admins should read the Microsoft Malware Protection Center’s analysis of the Win32/Conficker.B worm. It references the weak passwords the worm attempts to use. I’ve finally found a list of these weak passwords on the Analysis tab. Here they are, make sure none are in use in your network! 123 1234 12345 123456 1234567 12345678 […]

Dell Dset utility default password

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I always forget this, so I’m posting this here for the next time I need to review a Dell Dset report, that the default password is ‘dell’. If you are not familiar with Dset, you can download it from http://ftp.us.dell.com/sysman/Dell_DSET_1.5.0.120.exe It’s a nifty utility that provides configuration and diagnostic information for Dell’s technical support staff. […]

Howto: export Groupwise File IDs (FID) to a text file

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To dump a listing of your organization’s Groupwise user FIDs, run the following from a Netware server’s SYS:\PUBLIC directory: nlist user=* show “NGW: File ID” >fids.txt /R /S where: fids.txt is the name of the file to export to /R = objects at [ROOT] context /S = Objects throughout all subordinate contexts [update November 21, […]

Fix: Cannot Telnet from computer running McAfee VirusScan due to port blocking rules

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I’ve been trying to troubleshoot an email server problem all day, and one of the tests I’ve been performing is trying to connect to port 25 of the mail server through Telnet.  Every time I tried I get connection refused messages, and the connection would drop.  My work computer is running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i […]

Perfomance test – Windows Server 2003 R2 partition alignment on an EMC SAN

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I’m preparing to migrate our Netware 6.5/Groupwise 6.5 servers to Windows 2003 R2 SP2/Groupwise 7.0.3, with the Groupwise data located on an EMC Clariion SAN with 4GB fibre channel connectivity.  The Groupwise agents will run locally on the server’s direct attached storage.   Lately I’ve read much about the little known requirement that Windows machines partitions be […]

Adobe Acrobat 9.x co-existance issues with previous versions

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Better think twice about integrating Adobe Acrobat 9.x into your environment.  From Adobe KB Technote 333223. Although you can install Adobe Acrobat 9.x or Adobe Reader 9.x on a computer that contains an installation of previous Acrobat versions, it is not recommended. Acrobat 9.x Professional and Acrobat 9.x Standard use the Acrobat 9.x version of […]

The City of San Francisco got what it deserved

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I was Director of Network Services at my previous job, and as Director, it was my job to make sure no one employee had all the keys to the castle – meaning not one person could hold the company, or it’s customers hostage like Terry Childs has done to the City of San Francisco. If […]