Howto: Uninstall Adobe Flash Player from the command line

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It seems like Adobe is releasing new Flash Players on a regular basis to deal with security issues.  It’s important to remove old versions of Flash Player prior to installing the new version.  Otherwise, you’ll keep remnants of the vulnerable versions on your system. Here’s a very simple way to uninstall your previous version of […]

Howto: Create a Groupwise 7.0.1 client autorun CD using setup.cfg

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I have some remote users that never come into the office, so I send them autorun CDs of the newest Groupwise client we are using. The only thing the user has to do is put the CD into the drive, and the client automatically installs with the settings I preconfigured. To begin, copy the Windows […]

My unattended Windows XP deployment methods

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I frequently need to create ‘base’ images for new computer models my organizations acquire. Until recently, the process was always the same: Install Windows XP Enter information, such as license key, at all prompts during the setup process Apply Windows XP SP2 (my volume license media was only SP1) Install Microsoft Update client Download all […]

Howto: Deploy Adobe Reader 8 with Zenworks

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I wrote a small Zenworks NAL app that pushes out Adobe Reader 8 to network users. I used the Adobe customization wizard 8 to create the Microsoft MST Transform files that modify the Adobe Reader MSI file. Then I deployed the MSI in Zenworks in conjunction with the modified MST. Check out msiwisdom for more […]