Internet Explorer: “Click to Activate and use this Control” results in blank browser window

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Certain computers were getting the “Click to Activate and use this Control” prompt when attempting to view reports generated by an .asp script on one of our software provider’s web server. Even after clicking the new window, the window was blank, as in a totally white browser window. Hitting the space bar or enter key […]

Cannot see user’s local group membership in Windows XP

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I was troubleshooting some local Windows XP user permissions issues, and wanted to see what groups my local user was a member of. I went to Computer Management – Local Users – Users – UserAccountInQuestion – Properties – Member Of, and received a message stating “The workstation service has not been started” I was unable […]

Windows 2003 Server DHCP Event 1014: The following problem occurred with the Jet database -1011: Jet database read or write operations failed

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I have a Windows 2003 SP2 server that just started receiving the following event 1014 with source DHCPServer: The following problem occurred with the Jet database -1011: Jet database read or write operations failed. If the computer or database has just been upgraded, then this message can be safely ignored. If this message appears frequently, […]

The proper order to stop and start Windows based Websense services

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We use the Websense content filter at many businesses I support. Often the Websense services need to be restarted in order to restore network service without restarting the server or appliance. KB 1268 outlines the correct order to stop and restart these services. Stop services in the following order: 1. Network Agent (this service may […]

IIS authentication troubleshooting using AuthDiag

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One of my educational clients uses a web based Student Management Package for attendance, grades, and other school record keeping functions. The web server that powers these apps is a Windows 2003 server running IIS. All of a sudden, the IIS server started getting “403 access is denied” errors when users were attempting to login […]

Zenworks Imaging: PXE-T04 Illegal TFTP operation on workstations

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Update #2 on random eDirectory network login problems and weirdness

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Last week I wrote about the random login weirdness that plagued users trying to login to our Netware/Windows/SLES eDirectory network. It seems that uninstalling/reboot/reinstalling NICI on the affected workstations sequence did not fix the problem for all users. Today I found that if I go into the Novell Client 4.91 SP2 properties, select the advanced […]

Update on random eDirectory network login problems and weirdness

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Earlier I wrote about random network weirdness I’ve been experiencing where new eDirectory users created in the past week couldn’t login to the network, regardless of which machine or client they were using, or which WAN link they were on. No errors show up in the event logs, and dstrace shows no eDirectory errors. The […]

Howto: enable debug logging in the Netware Client 4.91 for Windows

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I’ve been experiencing some intermittent weirdness in one of the networks I support. I can logon to workstations just fine as any user – expect one created in the past week. It doesn’t matter where in the tree I create the new users, or which version of ConsoleOne I use to create them with. The […]

emBox login error:com.novell.eMBoxSDK.ConnectFailedException: Login failed

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Yesterday I wrote about creating eDirectory backups using eMBox and other utilities. Today I was trying to make an eDirectory backup on a Windows 2000 eDir server, version (10551.53). I launched a command prompt, and from the c:\novell\nds directory I typed edirutil -i to launch eMBox in interactive mode. Next I attempted to login, […]