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Fix: rdpclip.exe won’t run on Windows Server 2003

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I had two identically configured Windows 2003 SP2 servers, one that would allow remote copy/paste from the server to the client via RDP, and one that wouldn’t.  I finally took the time today to resolve the issue once and for all. First thing I verified was that in the Local Resources tab of Remote Desktop […]

A Portable Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe)

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I ran across Claus’s link to the article that shows how to run Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection program as a portable application from a USB drive. This lead me to think about how this could be of value in my environment.  I frequently hop from server to server using Microsoft’s Terminal Services client, mstsc.exe, which […]

Howto: Enable Remote Desktop on a Windows 2008 Server Core System

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Windows 2008 Server Core uses the SCregEdit.wsf script found in C:\Windows\System32 to configure Terminal Services (TS) behavior. TS is the method of remote controlling your Server Core system through Remote Desktop (RDP). To view the current Terminal Server settings for Vista/Windows 2008 clients, at the server command prompt type: c:\windows\system32\scregedit.wsf /AR /v The following values […]

Howto: Remotely enable offline files on a server that has Remote Desktop enabled

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In Windows Server 2003, you do not have the option to enable offline files if Remote Desktop is enabled on the server – you can normally do one or the other, but not both at the same time.  To remotely enable offline files on a server through a Remote Desktop session, change the following registry […]

Howto: send a ctrl-alt-del using remote desktop

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Every once in a while I need to send a ctrl-alt-del within a remote desktop session, usually when the session has been inactive for a while.  I always forget how to do it, and have to Google it. So, mostly as a reminder to myself, the keystrokes to send are: Ctrl-Alt-End Or, follow these instructions […]

Managing multiple Remote Desktop/Terminal Server connections using Terminals

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I manage many Windows servers using Remote Desktop/RDC or Terminal Services. I have an icon saved to my desktop for each server, which contains the configuration settings for each specific connection, such as domain, user name, etc. This allows me to quickly connect to the server by double-clicking it’s shortcut and entering the appropriate password. […]

Cannot connect to Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server running on Windows 2000

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I have one user who could not connect to our Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server from her home. She could connect just fine from other machines, and no other users were experiencing the problem, so I was confident the issue was with her personal computer. She was running Windows XP Home, and every time she successfully […]

howto: create a shadow session, where a local user and a remote user can control the same session in Windows XP and 2003

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In Windows (XP+ natively, Windows 2000 with additional software), you can connect to other Windows computers via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) or Terminal Services Client (TSC). The problem is, if someone is already logged in locally on destination computer, once they give permission for the remote user to take control of their system, the screen […]

What to do before a Netware NLM won’t unload

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I’ve been troubleshooting a problem all day where only one user won’t get her Netware login script drive mappings, or they will map, but she’ll lose them within half an hour or so. But of course this is an intermittent problem. This problem doesn’t affect any other users in her OU, and the problem follows […]

Howto: enable remote desktop on a windows xp machine – remotely

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I’ve been configuring my LAN for spiceworks this afternoon. The Windows XP firewall is enabled on most of our PCs, and I didn’t want to visit each station to configure it to allow spiceworks to inventory the machine. I’m also not big into group policy here at the office (what the saying about the cobbler’s […]