Identifying processes running as svchost.exe

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I have previously written about experiences with systems becoming unresponsive and reporting svchost.exe utilizing 99% of the CPU. Since so many different .dll’s run as this generic host process, identifying exactly which program is the cause of the high CPU usage is often difficult. According to KB314056, the Svchost.exe file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 […]

Howto: speed up Windows Server / SBS 2003 shutdown time

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Sometimes Windows servers take forever to shutdown. I’ve known several people who’ve caused problems for themself by geting impatient and shutting off the server via the power button, rather than waiting for a graceful shutdown. According to KB827610, the culprit is the WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry key, which by default waits up to 10 minutes to before […]

Howto: enable remote desktop on a windows xp machine – remotely

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I’ve been configuring my LAN for spiceworks this afternoon. The Windows XP firewall is enabled on most of our PCs, and I didn’t want to visit each station to configure it to allow spiceworks to inventory the machine. I’m also not big into group policy here at the office (what the saying about the cobbler’s […]