Fix: rdpclip.exe won’t run on Windows Server 2003

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I had two identically configured Windows 2003 SP2 servers, one that would allow remote copy/paste from the server to the client via RDP, and one that wouldn’t.  I finally took the time today to resolve the issue once and for all. First thing I verified was that in the Local Resources tab of Remote Desktop […]

Howto: Do not display the name of the user who has locked a Windows computer or server

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Normally when a Windows workstation or server is locked, you’ll see something similar to the following Windows Security message:   This computer is in use and has been locked.   Only DOMAIN\USER (user name) or an administrator can unlock this computer.   To not show the name of the user who has locked a computer, the […]

Setting the Windows default logon domain

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We deploy the majority of our Windows XP computers through imaging. We use several different imaging solutions – Ghost, Zenworks, Acronis, and the Microsoft imaging tools found in Windows Deployment Services, which used to be called RIS. One of the challenges I have experienced is after you join the Active Directory domain post-imaging, Windows prompts […]

It’s the day after Patch Tuesday, and my Vista Business machine has lost ALL network connectivty

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I try to be a responsible security professional, and practice what I preach. I know it’s important to keep operating systems and applications updated with security patches, so I have Microsoft’s Automatic Update configured on my home Vista PC to install automatically. I tell my friends to do this, since I don’t want them to […]

IE7: How to stop from loading every time IE is started

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Every time I launch IE7 the Internet Explorer customization screen,, has been displayed instead of the three home pages I specified in Tools – Internet Options. I had completed the whole customization processs many times, but Internet Explorer never seemed to remember the settings. I found this thread that pointed me in the right […]

Howto: Enable Windows Vista UAC quiet mode

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I love the idea of Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), but I hate Microsoft’s implementation of it. I was getting ready to deploy our first Vista Business lab and I found that when starting 75% of the lab’s software , the user would get the “Windows needs your permission to continue” prompts. I understand the […]

Howto: Disable Windows Security Center Nag Screens via the Registry

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I control most of my networked computers’ Windows desktop firewalls through Group Policy. I have a few workstations that aren’t associated with any GPOs for testing purposes, and these machines have the Windows XP Firewall turned off. These machines also run antivirus software that Windows Security Center can’t monitor. Windows constantly wants to remind me […]

Howto: Delete a cached copy of a Windows Roaming Profile using Zenworks

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To delete a cached copy of a roaming profile Run Regedit and navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ Create a DWORD value named DeleteRoamingCache and set it to 1 The current roaming profile should be removed at user logoff. You may need to reboot before this setting takes effect. If you would like […]

Windows Vista and memory related performance problems

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Since I built my new computer this past February, I’ve encountered periodic memory related errors. I have 4GB of RAM and a fancy new AMD X2 CPU running Windows Vista Business, but I kept receiving errors that I couldn’t start new processes due to a lack of resources. Task Manager showed I was only using […]

Cannot connect to Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server running on Windows 2000

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I have one user who could not connect to our Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server from her home. She could connect just fine from other machines, and no other users were experiencing the problem, so I was confident the issue was with her personal computer. She was running Windows XP Home, and every time she successfully […]