Resend Email in Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010

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Ever run into the situation where you had sent an email to someone, but they didn’t get it? Or maybe you sent an email a few weeks back to someone, but they deleted it and now they want you to send it to them again. Firstly, before you can send the email to someone again, […]

How to Repair Corrupted Excel Files

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Excel is probably just as important to most workers as wearing clothes and eating food. I pretty much use Excel on a daily basis to do everything from managing finances to analyzing customer data. It’s so powerful, it’s hard to imagine life without Excel. And that’s exactly why it can be so terrible when you […]

Use Command Line Switches in Outlook 2010

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By default, running Outlook.exe will launch the program and start it normally in Windows. This is what occurs when you click on the Outlook desktop icon. However, there are many times where it would be useful to alter the startup of Outlook 2010 by adding a command line switch. Instead of running outlook.exe, you can […]

Converting Outlook Express .DBX files for use with Outlook 2007

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Back in October 2007 I struggled with converting a user’s email from Outlook Express (OE) to Outlook. My problem was I neglected to export her OE email prior to joining her computer to the new Windows domain. I figured out a solution in the end, after hours of work. Life would have been so much […]

Howto: Fix the Outlook 2007 Double Spacing Problem

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I use Outlook 2007 and have experienced crazy formatting problems under certain circumstances that are not always reproducible. Here’s what I did to fix the problem: Close both Outlook and Word if they are running Browse to my C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates directory and rename the normal.dotm and normalemail.dotm files. These files will be automatically […]

Problems opening Outlook attachments with Google Desktop Search installed

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I haven’t run across this particular problem personally, but I thought I’d post it since I wasn’t able to find it documented anywhere else except on and in a few newsgroups. It appears that the problem with opening Outlook attachments is due to a bug in Google Desktop Search (GDS) version 5.5.0709.30344 released on […]

64-bit Windows isn’t displaying files saved in the Office 2007 format when searching for Documents

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Brandon has posted the answer to a question that has been driving me mad… why my Office 2007 files, saved in their native formats (.docx, .xlsx, etc) are not displayed when I search for files of type “Document” from my Windows Vista machine. It appears that the issue is with where 64-bit versions of Windows […]

Script to gracefully close an Outlook .pst file so it can be backed up

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I was listening to the latest episode of the Casting from the Server Room podcast this morning, and one of the discussions was about backing up an Outlook .pst when users leave Outlook open overnight, which is when the backup is scheduled to run.  In order to back an Outlook .pst file, the .pst file must […]

Creating and updating Outlook profiles using PRF files.

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We do the majority of desktop deployment using imaging.  Imaging allows us to bypass most of the redundant manual desktop software configuration.  But one part of the deployment process we had struggled with was configuring Outlook.  Once the machine was placed, the technician had to login to the computer as the user and setup the Outlook […]

Howto: Move the Microsoft Office MSOCache directory to a different drive

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Some of our older laptops are starting run short on free space on the system partition. The MSOCache is a hidden folder, usually located on the C drive, that contains a copy of the Microsoft Office source installation files. This allows you to add program features or repair the program without requiring access to the original […]