OES Linux: YaST Install and Remove Software hangs at Checking Dependencies

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Last week I completed a fresh install of Novell’s OES Linux from the SP2 .iso CDs, and used rug to update the server with all the available patches. I needed to install NSS, so I went into YaST to add the software, but the server kept hanging at the checking dependencies screen. Rebooting the server […]

Howto: Patch an OES Linux server after a new installation using the Red Carpet (rug) command line

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Before you do anything else, if you’re running an OES version prior to SP2, make sure you prepare the OES server for patching. A Cool Tool is available to make this process easier. If you are running OES SP2, read TID3045794 for an overview of the process. That being said, I have a brand new […]

Howto: Deploy the Groupwise Client 7 using Zenworks

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Beginning with Groupwise 6 SP1 I deployed the Groupwise client using the .aot files included with the client setup program . Starting with Groupwise 7 you’ll need to deploy the client via Zenworks using .msi files. First, copy the client directory to a network share where users have at least read and file scan rights. […]

eDirectory 8.8 / 8.8.1 and nw65sp6

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According to the readme file included with Netware 6.5 Service Pack 6 (Last modified: 06Nov2006), “If you have eDirectory 8.8 installed on the server, copy the dhost.nlm (dated 18Sep2006 09:36AM) to the server’s sys:\system directory and reboot the server before applying the Support Pack. ” Then the Novell eDirectory 8.8 Readme Addendum was released and […]

What to do before a Netware NLM won’t unload

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I’ve been troubleshooting a problem all day where only one user won’t get her Netware login script drive mappings, or they will map, but she’ll lose them within half an hour or so. But of course this is an intermittent problem. This problem doesn’t affect any other users in her OU, and the problem follows […]

Howto: Create a Groupwise 7.0.1 client autorun CD using setup.cfg

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I have some remote users that never come into the office, so I send them autorun CDs of the newest Groupwise client we are using. The only thing the user has to do is put the CD into the drive, and the client automatically installs with the settings I preconfigured. To begin, copy the Windows […]