Update on random eDirectory network login problems and weirdness

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Earlier I wrote about random network weirdness I’ve been experiencing where new eDirectory users created in the past week couldn’t login to the network, regardless of which machine or client they were using, or which WAN link they were on. No errors show up in the event logs, and dstrace shows no eDirectory errors. The […]

Howto: enable debug logging in the Netware Client 4.91 for Windows

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I’ve been experiencing some intermittent weirdness in one of the networks I support. I can logon to workstations just fine as any user – expect one created in the past week. It doesn’t matter where in the tree I create the new users, or which version of ConsoleOne I use to create them with. The […]

emBox login error:com.novell.eMBoxSDK.ConnectFailedException: Login failed

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Yesterday I wrote about creating eDirectory backups using eMBox and other utilities. Today I was trying to make an eDirectory backup on a Windows 2000 eDir server, version (10551.53). I launched a command prompt, and from the c:\novell\nds directory I typed edirutil -i to launch eMBox in interactive mode. Next I attempted to login, […]

Howto: Quick and dirty eDirectory backups

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I’m currently upgrading some Netware 6.5 servers from support pack 5 to support pack 6. I’m also upgrading those same servers from eDirectory 8.7.3 to 8.8.1. Before I make any eDirectory changes, the first thing I do is to run from the server console: dsrepair -rc This makes a quick backup of Data Information Base […]

Howto: Enable logging on Zenworks for Desktops Windows clients

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I was experiencing some weirdness when applying user policies to my Windows XP SP2 admin machines today. For some strange reason yet to be determined, administrators were locked out of almost everything in XP despite having a wide open user policy, and no workstation policies defined for their machines. We had correctly configured the search […]

Howto: Gather troubleshooting information for OES/SLES Linux using Novell’s supportconfig tool

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Novell released two new Linux troubleshooting tools this week (See TID 3513679 for details).  One is specific only to NSS volumes on OES clusters, while the other, supportconfig, gathers all types of information about your server. Getting started with supportconfig is really simple.  Download the rpm, then install it using the following syntax from a […]

Howto: Reload Netware DNS and other WINSOCK settings without rebooting the server

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I’m not sure how this TID got passed me, but today I found out how to reload DNS settings on a Netware server. Previously you had to bounce the server for these settings to take effect. From a Netware 5.1+ server console: Reload the SYS:\ETC\HOSTS file: WS2_32 RELOADHOSTS Reload the SYS:\ETC\PROTOCOL file: WS2_32 RELOAD PROTOCOL […]

Scripts for Zenworks for Desktops on SLES 10 server

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I have a SLES 10 server that runs all of my Zenworks for Desktops components.  Whenever we have problems with one of the Zenworks components, the first thing I do is run this script that tells me the status of all the appropriate daemons: #begin #!/bin/bash #check status of Zenworks services clear . /etc/rc.status […]

1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime during Groupwise client install

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I was trying to install the Groupwise 7.0.1 client on a Windows 2000 machine that was running the Groupwise 6.5.7 client, and kept getting the following error: 1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime I tried uninstalling the Groupwise 6.5.7 client, rebooting, then running the client 7.0.1 setup again, but it didn’t make any difference. […]

Howto: Upgrade OES iManager 2.5 to iManager 2.6 SP3 (and fix some nici problems as well)

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Novell’s iManager hasn’t worked for me since I freshly installed my Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) SP2 linux server. When I access http://myserversip/nps (or, I’m presented with the iManager login screen, but when I enter my credentials I receive the following error: Server Error 500 Either the server is overloaded or there was an […]