Howto: Force ConsoleOne to connect to the master replica

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When you start up ConsoleOne, the application usually selects a random read-write replica to connect to.  You cannot specify which replica to connect to, but you can tell ConsoleOne to connect to the Master replica by using the forcemaster option. In various Novell TIDs the syntax is shown as either -forcemaster or /forcemaster or .  […]

Assigning Netware rights via the command line

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Here at the office we have a group in charge of assigning and maintain user and group rights and permissions to our various systems.  It’s nice not having to worry about that aspect of server administration.  But I have an urgent need to have some eDirectoy group rights assigned to a specific directory on every […]

Fix for ConsoleOne Error -634 The target server does not have a copy of what the source

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Error seen when attempting to authenticate to eDirectory in ConsoleOne on SLES 10 Linux:  (Error-634) The target server does not have a copy of what the source server is requesting. Or, the source server has no objects that match the request and has no referrals on which to search for the object.  The SLES Linux […]

802.1x Network Authentication – FreeRADIUS with the Novell Client Resources

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One of my educational clients is going to be implementing a fairly significantly sized wireless network this summer. The are an all Cisco shop – all Cisco data electronics, VoIP system, firewall, etc. The wireless access points will be Cisco, probably 1252s, which are wireless-G and support the draft specifications for wireless-N. Their dilemma is […]

A few useful Zenworks NAL Application Launcher settings

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I wanted the Zenworks NAL Application Launcher, Nalwin.exe, to start minimized in Windows, without a splash screen, so that employees wouldn’t just close the Application Window. To do this, I created a a shortcut with the following target and placed it in the Windows Startup menu: “C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\NalWin.exe” : /min Conversely, if you want the […]

Groupwise 7.1 error ccsw32.dll not found

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I just pushed out a Zenworks NAL application that installs the Groupwise 7.1 client. After rebooting a few machines, the following error popped up when trying to run the GW 7.1 client: “ccw32.dll cannot be found” According to TID 1009508, the NMAS client is the culprit. I verified the TID was correct in renaming the […]

ZDM 7SP1 and the case of the missing nalagent.exe

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We just pushed out updates to our Zenworks for Desktops agent, upgrading from version 7.1 hot patch 1 to version 7.1 hot patch 3, and all of a sudden some clients weren’t receiving their NAL apps. I did some comparing of stations that had been upgraded against ones that still had the 7.1HP1 agent, and […]

Zenworks Imaging: PXE-T04 Illegal TFTP operation on workstations

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Howto: Installing the Zenworks for Desktops agent via a login script

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It’s that time of year again, where we push out new applications as users return from their summer vacations. We deploy programs using Zenworks for Desktops 7.0.1, but a number of machines have the outdated agent or are brand new and don’t have the agent software installed. My goal was to push out the updated […]

Interpreting ABEND.LOG using the ABENDLogFilter utility

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Novell Netware ABEND.LOG files capture abnormal endings (aka abends), which are the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death.  ABEND.LOGs typically contain a few lines of useful information for us consultant types, while the majority of the data is memory and stack contents, which probably only makes sense to developer types. The ABENDLogFilter utility will parse […]