Howto: Windows Desktop Search 3.01 removal methods

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Many, many admins found Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.01 deployed throughout their networks via WSUS without their knowledge or approval (see Robert’s screenshots of his rules) in late October, 2007. The problem with WDS is that once installed, it begins indexing the contents of workstations and servers alike, causing machines to slow down under the […]

Howto: Automatically Boot Windows XP with Last Known Good Configuration

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Last week I was trying to help a remote client whose Windows XP machine was really messed up.  More than half of her automatically starting services refused to start at bootup.  They couldn’t be manually started either, system restore was turned off, and she was in a hotel far, far away from any Windows XP […]

IE7: How to stop from loading every time IE is started

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Every time I launch IE7 the Internet Explorer customization screen,, has been displayed instead of the three home pages I specified in Tools – Internet Options. I had completed the whole customization processs many times, but Internet Explorer never seemed to remember the settings. I found this thread that pointed me in the right […]

Sonicwall Viewpoint 4.1 Installation Error: SQL Server does not exist or access denied

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At one of my client locations we use Sonicwall’s Viewpoint reporting system to gather usage data from the Sonicwall firewall and content filter.  Viewpoint is a pita to upgrade or move to a new machine, and I treat the program with care, since it’s very easy to unintentionally break. I was upgrading from an old version […]

Howto: Enable Windows Vista UAC quiet mode

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I love the idea of Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), but I hate Microsoft’s implementation of it. I was getting ready to deploy our first Vista Business lab and I found that when starting 75% of the lab’s software , the user would get the “Windows needs your permission to continue” prompts. I understand the […]

Howto: Disabling Driver Signing in Windows Vista 64 bit

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A security feature of Windows Vista 64 bit version is that unsigned drivers will not load. I’m all for increased security, until I run across a piece of hardware that does not have signed drivers. It was easy to disable driver signing before two updates were released. From an elevated command prompt I ran bcdedit […]

Howto: Disable Windows Simple File Sharing via the Registry and Local Security Policy

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Microsoft KB 307874 describes how to disable Windows XP Professional’s simple file sharing. Why would you want to disable simple file sharing on your workstation? The KB explains: By default, simple file sharing is enabled on a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer if the computer is not a member of a domain. With simple file sharing, […]

Howto: Remotely enable offline files on a server that has Remote Desktop enabled

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In Windows Server 2003, you do not have the option to enable offline files if Remote Desktop is enabled on the server – you can normally do one or the other, but not both at the same time.  To remotely enable offline files on a server through a Remote Desktop session, change the following registry […]

Howto: Updating motherboard BIOS from an Unsupported Operating System

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I’ve had my NFORCE4M-A motherboard for a while now, and it has taken forever to boot since I put 64 bit Windows Vista Business on the machine.  It’s boot up wasn’t exactly blazing fast with Windows XP, but now it takes over a minute just to POST.  I’m not exactly sure why the OS would affect the POST, […]

Howto: Send an email from an Exchange or IIS SMTP server without a client

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I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of troubleshooting for an Exchange 2003 sending problem one of my clients has been experiencing, and I’ve probably sent hundreds of messages from their server during this whole ordeal. I was troubleshooting the problem remotely, without access to Outlook, so I had to send messages using Outlook Web Access.  […]