Groupwise 7.0.2 and problems sending attachments

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For the past month or so some of our Groupwise users have been reporting problems sending email attachments. The most common complaints included: The recipient could see the attachment but it had no file extension following the file name The attachment would have an extension like .001 rather than .doc, .xls, etc. This problem was […]

Groupwise 7.0.2 Client – connect to multiple Groupwise systems using unique icons

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I have many users who have email accounts provided through multiple Groupwise systems. These systems are totally unrelated, and the users wanted easy ways to login to each system. The procedure users had been following was to : 1) Launch the Windows Groupwise client 2) Type in their Logon ID 3) Type in the host […]

Using the Groupwise 5.x Archive FID Editor to restore archived email

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We have a user who’s iPaq kept having Groupwise synchronization issues.  It would work using Intellisync just fine for a few weeks, then would mysteriously fail.  We replaced the PDA and computer, and after much troubleshooting with the hardware and software manufacturers, it was decided the user’s Groupwise 7 SP1 account was the root of […]

Groupwise 7.1 error ccsw32.dll not found

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I just pushed out a Zenworks NAL application that installs the Groupwise 7.1 client. After rebooting a few machines, the following error popped up when trying to run the GW 7.1 client: “ccw32.dll cannot be found” According to TID 1009508, the NMAS client is the culprit. I verified the TID was correct in renaming the […]

1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime during Groupwise client install

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I was trying to install the Groupwise 7.0.1 client on a Windows 2000 machine that was running the Groupwise 6.5.7 client, and kept getting the following error: 1607: Unable to install Installshield Scripting Runtime I tried uninstalling the Groupwise 6.5.7 client, rebooting, then running the client 7.0.1 setup again, but it didn’t make any difference. […]

Howto: Deploy the Groupwise Client 7 using Zenworks

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Beginning with Groupwise 6 SP1 I deployed the Groupwise client using the .aot files included with the client setup program . Starting with Groupwise 7 you’ll need to deploy the client via Zenworks using .msi files. First, copy the client directory to a network share where users have at least read and file scan rights. […]

When GWIA won’t unload and the server hangs

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I updated my NW65SP6 Groupwise 7.0.1 server to 7.0.2 Hot Patch 1a yesterday, and my gwia kept abending when I tried to restart it or exit it. It didn’t matter if gwia was loaded in protected memory or not, it would just lock the system console. I was unable to down the server, spawn a […]

Howto: Create a Groupwise 7.0.1 client autorun CD using setup.cfg

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I have some remote users that never come into the office, so I send them autorun CDs of the newest Groupwise client we are using. The only thing the user has to do is put the CD into the drive, and the client automatically installs with the settings I preconfigured. To begin, copy the Windows […]

groupwise 7.0.1 decided to stop sending and receiving Internet mail

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A Groupwise 7.0.1 system running on Netware 6.5 that I support just decided to stop sending and receiving Internet mail today. Restarting the agents and spam filtering software didn’t help, and neither did bouncing the server. The MTA wasn’t moving any mail, and I’d see in the POA log file the following message: “Error: Path […]

new Groupwise wikis

by File in: best practices, Groupwise has a nice collection of Groupwise wikis that cover all aspects of administering a Groupwise email system. I’ve found the maintenance wiki to be the most useful, and reference it whenever it’s time for our regularly scheduled maintenance. Other topics covered include design and best practices.