Fix: The Novell Groupwise Address Book is the only address book shown when adding users to personal group distribution lists

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We have a few users who have reported issues editing the membership of their personal address book groups since we upgraded our Groupwise backend from 6.5.5 to 7.0.3.  We have not be able to reproduce this behavior using the 7.0.3 client.  I needed to find a workaround to this problem until we can get all […]

Fix: ConsoleOne error “GWIA Admin could not locate file exepath.cfg”

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The ConsoleOne error “GWIA Admin could not locate file exepath.cfg” when editing the GWIA object is generally caused because ConsoleOne cannot find the gwia.cfg file.   Exepath.cfg is usually found in the domain\wpgate\gwia directory on the GWIA server.  This simple file should only contain the path to directory where gwia.cfg is located.  On Netware servers, this location is […]

Fix: Voltage SecureMail Zero Download Messenger Error 23 with Groupwise Client

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Fix for error 23 when opening a Voltage SecureMail ZDM attachment in Groupwise 6.5 client  SUMMARY: Users of GroupWise may see an error code 6, error code 7 or error code 23 when opening a Voltage SecureMail Zero Download Messenger. This is due to the fact that the mail client changes the content of the […]

Fix: Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003, access denied

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Symptoms observed when a Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003, “access denied” Groupwise POA will not start on Windows Server 2003 R2, “access denied “  Starting the POA manually would show the POA GUI briefly, which then disappeared. Other POAs on the server started without error, ruling out gwpoa.exe corruption Verified no port […]

Howto: Redirect Groupwise 6.5 url /servlet/webacc to Groupwise 7 URL /gw/webacc

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Groupwise 6.5 WebAccess is accessed via http://yourserverDNSorIP/servlet/webacc, while Groupwise 7.0 WebAccess is accessed at http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc.  Here’s how to configure Apache to redirect the old WebAccess url to the updated one: 1) On the Netware server, edit sys:\apache2\conf\httpd.conf  2) At the bottom of the file paste the following line: redirect permanent /servlet/webacc http://yourserverDNSorIP/gw/webacc replacing yourserverDNSorIP with your […]

Fix: Groupwise won’t install on Windows Server 2003

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Groupwise typically will not install on Windows Server 2003 due to DEP incompatibilities.  Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a set of hardware and software technologies that perform additional checks on memory to help prevent malicious code from running on a system. To resolve this issue: 1) Right click on My Computer > Properties 2) Select […]

Script to backup Groupwise configuration files on Netware Part I

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I performed a Groupwise 6.5 to 7.0.3 upgrade this weekend on the domain and post office servers, and wrote a quick script to backup the agent configuration files.  It’s not a pretty script, but I wrote it in about 10 minutes and it worked on all my Netware servers.  I call this script part I […]

Simple script to backup Groupwise 7 configuration files on SLES Linux

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I’m about to upgrade our Groupwise infrastructure, and I wanted to write a simple script that would backup and archive important Groupwise configuration files.  I’m not proficient at scripting, but here’s what I came up with.  Please recommend additional files to include if I have overlooked anything. [sourcecode language=’cpp’] #################################### ### Begin ### script to backup […]

Fix for “LDAP login failed” error when trying to install Groupwise 7 Webaccess or GWIA on SLES Linux

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To fix the LDAP login failed error when trying to install Groupwise 7 Webaccess or GWIA on SLES Linux: Go to LDAP Group object for the server (not LDAP server object).  On the General tab, uncheck Require TLS for simple binds with Password > OK Goto LDAP server object for the server, and on the […]

Fix for path not found (8209) when loading Groupwise POA

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My error was path not found (8209) \\nw1\vol1\logs\testpo when trying to load a POA on a SLES 10 SP1 Groupwise 7.0.3 server.  I had just migrated the POA named testpo from Netware to SLES manually rather than use the Groupwise Server Migration Utility since I wanted to have a good understanding what had to happen behind the scenes […]