Problems opening Outlook attachments with Google Desktop Search installed

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I haven’t run across this particular problem personally, but I thought I’d post it since I wasn’t able to find it documented anywhere else except on and in a few newsgroups. It appears that the problem with opening Outlook attachments is due to a bug in Google Desktop Search (GDS) version 5.5.0709.30344 released on […]

Windows Live Folders are back – sort of…

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The Windows Live Folders web site is back from the dead.  I was able to login to the site with my Passport account, but had to provide some personal infomation and accept their service agreement and privacy statement.  Once I submitted and agreed, I received the following message: Signup was unsuccessful Sorry, this beta service isn’t […]

Google Gears feeds my Google Reader addiction

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I love Google Reader (but apparently not as much as Robert Scoble). If I have a few spare minutes (like waiting for a server to reboot!) I’m always scanning through my RSS feeds. Gears is Google’s latest invention. It’s still in beta, so it’s not perfect, but it is an open source browser extension that […]